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Fugoo Style XL Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will assist you in diagnosing problems with the Fugoo Style XL speaker.

Sound quality is worse than expected.

If the fabric jacket covering the speaker is covered in foreign debris it can affect sound quality. To clean the jacket you will have to remove it and clean it with warm water in the faucet. Do not use high pressure device such as a hose or compressed air cans.

If the jacket casing is broken it can affect the quality of sound. To replace the jacket, follow this guide: Fugoo Style XL Fabric Case Replacement

The speaker core must be removed from the jacket and cleaned with only warm water from a sink faucet. Do not use chemicals or high pressure objects to clean the core. Do not use a brush.

Speaker is recognized by an external device but produces no sound.

The speaker may require a new firmware update. Visit Fugoo's website to update the firmware.

If firmware is updated and the speaker continues to not produce sound when connected to an external device then resetting the speaker may be necessary. Resetting is done by holding the bluetooth and action (O) buttons for ten seconds.

Ensure that the volume settings on both the speaker and the device it is connected to are set properly.

It is possible that the internal speakers need to be replaced. Follow this guide to exam or replace the speaker: Fugoo Style XL Speaker Replacement

Bluetooth connection is not working.

Sometimes an audio cable will be recognized but there is an interference with Bluetooth connections. If this happens, try powering down the speaker. Once off, press and hold the + and O buttons at the same time. Next step is to press the power button. The speaker will now say the wired input is off; meaning that any plugged audio cable is no longer recognized, but Bluetooth connectivity works.

Press and hold the Bluetooth button on the speaker for at least 8 seconds; the speaker will then say “ All Bluetooth pairings cleared”.

If you are having trouble with Bluetooth connections then you may need to update the firmware. Visit Fugoo's website to update.

The speaker no longer functions as expected.

If the device no longer functions, try holding down the O button with the Bluetooth button for 15 seconds. Then, attempt to turn the device back on with the power button. If the device does not respond then press the power button as hard as possible. If the button requires a difficult press to turn on, the button may need to be replaced.

If all else fails, contact Fugoo here. You may also reach Fugoo via e-mail at

Battery does not charge when plugged in.

Make sure you are using the charger that was packaged with the speaker. Other chargers may not be compatible.

Over time the battery will not function as before - when you first buy the Fugoo Style XL, it lasts for 40 hours and takes 3 & ½ hours to charge, however; following a considerable amount of time, the batteries lose their quality. You may need to replace the battery. Follow this guide: Fugoo Style XL Battery Replacement Guide

If the battery is still fresh the problem may be with the port. You should contact Fugoo here.


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