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FLIR FX Troubleshooting

FLIR FX is an HD security camera with wireless Wi-Fi monitoring by FLIR Secure.

Camera Records Blurry or Washed Out Video ¶ 

The camera recording component will not record.

Camera Lens is Dirty ¶ 

If camera lens is dirty get a clean cloth and light cleaning solution. Put a modest amount of cloth cleaning solution on the cloth. Gently rub the cloth on the camera lens in a circular motion. Let dry, turn camera on and try recording again.

Camera is Overheated ¶ 

Ensure camera is not overheated by powering off the camera. Once camera is full powered off place camera in a space room temperature for twenty minutes. After twenty minutes, power camera back on and see if it is recoding properly.

Camera Lens is Broken ¶ 

If camera is still not recording properly after ensuring the camera lens is clean and the camera is not overheated it can be determined that the camera is broken. Replace the camera using this guide FLIR FX Repair.

Cannot Assemble the Different Parts of the International USB Power Adaptor ¶ 

Unsure how put and take off the two parts for the international USB power adaptor

Cannot Install the International Prongs on the International USB Power Adapter ¶ 

Make sure prongs on the adapter are down. Look at the replacement prongs you wish to install and find the arrows and “PUSH”. Hold the prongs in a manner that shows the arrows facing down and “PUSH” upside-down. Place the prongs under the adapter and push up.

Cannot Remove the Prongs from the International USB Power Adapter ¶ 

Look at the replacement prongs and find the arrows and “PUSH”. Push the prong down in the direction the arrows are facing. The prongs should slide off and the adapter should show the original prongs again.

Camera Will Not Power On ¶ 

When the power button is pushed, the camera will not turn on.

Depleted Battery ¶ 

Ensure that the battery in the camera or stand is charged by attaching the USB cord to the camera or camera mount and power adapter. Plug in the power adapter and allow the camera to charge for 30 minutes before pressing the power button again. While the camera is charging the record button at the top of the camera will be an orange color.

Battery is Not Holding Charge ¶ 

If after charging for 30 minutes and the camera will not turn on, or when the charger was plugged into the camera the record button did not light up, follow this replacement guide to help change the faulty battery FLIR FX Repair.

Camera Will Not Connect Via USB ¶ 

When the camera is plugged into the power adapter nothing happens.

Dirty USB cord ¶ 

If the USB cord is not properly placed in the power adaptor or dirty, the camera will not connect. Clean the port and cord, and make sure the cord is connecting with the power adapter and see if record button turns orange.

Faulty USB Cord ¶ 

If the USB cord is bad, the camera will not connect with power adapter and charge. To test if this is the problem borrow a USB cord and test it with the Camera to see if these problems still occur.

Camera Does Not Hold a Charge ¶ 

Power cord will not charge the camera and it will not turn on.

Power Cable is Not Properly Seated ¶ 

First, make sure your camera head is completely connected to the stand. Once you hear the clicking sound confirming this, insert the power cord on the opposite side of the power button, until you see the recording button light up orange. If the light on the button does not come on, first try a new outlet plug.

Power Cable is Frayed or Severed ¶ 

If there proceeds to be a problem, there might be a problem with the power cord itself and you may need to seek further assistance. See FLIR FX Repair.


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