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Escali P115M Troubleshooting

Released in 2012, identified by model number P115M.

Scale Will Not Turn On ¶ 

The scale will not respond to "on" button being pressed.

Faulty or Low Battery ¶ 

Replace batteries if they appear damaged or old. Ensure batteries are properly inserted into the device.

Display Does Not Turn On ¶ 

The display will not read anything.

Faulty or Low Battery ¶ 

If your display appears blank you may need to replace the batteries or make sure that they were properly inserted into the device. When the batteries have a low charge, a low battery symbol will appear on the display.

Display Reads Inaccurate Measurements ¶ 

Display does not read the accurate weight of objects.

Unstable Measuring Surface ¶ 

Place the Escali P115M on a flat surface free of vibration. Make sure you keep your scale at room temperature to ensure its accuracy.

Display Reads "EEEE" Error Message ¶ 

Display reads "EEEE" when objects are placed on it.

Scale Is Over Capacity ¶ 

The Escali P115M has a measuring capacity of 5000 gram / 11 pound / 175 ounce. If the object you are measuring is over this weight, the scale will read, "EEEE." Remove weight and place a lighter object on the scale to ensure scale is working properly.

Display Reads "OUT2" Error Message ¶ 

Display reads "OUT2" when objects are placed on it.

Incorrect Calibration ¶ 

To recalibrate the Escali P115M, you are required to have a 5kg or 11lb weight. You can download recalibration procedures here.


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