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Humidifier will not function as intended, despite being plugged into the power outlet.

Check if the power cable is not loosely plugged in. It may also be a problem with the power outlet, check by plugging cable into other power outlets. If all those fail, then it may be the cable’s fault and you should consider replacing it.

If the power cable is connected properly and confirmed to be working, the printed circuit board may be faulty. Check the Circuit Board Replacement Guide here.

Humidifier will not produce vapor through the chamber despite being on.

Make sure the metal plate is seated properly on the device and in contact with the heating conjunction on the printed circuit board. If the metal plate is in good contact with the printed circuit board, then the circuit board may be faulty and the device would need to be replaced.

Check for any material blocking the entrance valve.

Check if the tank contains enough water. If it does, then the valve might be broken and needs to be replaced with the guide here.

Follow the “R2-D2's Fan is Not Functioning” troubleshooting guide (below).

Water level in the tank is decreasing at an exponential level.

If the crack is small, attempt to patch with duct tape. If it fails or is too large, consider replacing the tank.

If the crack is small, attempt to patch with duct tape. If it fails or is too large, replace the entire part containing the crack.

It smells like the humidifier is burning.

Note: IMMEDIATELY unplug power cable, let it cool for 30-60 minutes (without power). If persistent continue reading.

Once the cooling process is done and the Odor has dispersed into the air, try plugging in again. If the humidifier continues to produce a burning odor. See below.

Humidifiers tend to collect dust, if left uncleaned after prolonged use. This could be the base case for any odor that the humidifier is emitting. Note: Leaving the humidifier on the carpet or a dusty shelf can be the cause. Make sure that the reservoir is clean during each refill. Another factor that could produce the odor, could be the fan inside the bottom half of the humidifier. Remove the bottom shell of the device with a Phillips #1 screwdriver. Once it’s removed, you can see the fan on the side of the circuit board. Remove the fan and use an air duster to clean the fan. Put the device back together and try again. If an odor is still being emitted from the humidifier despite its cleanliness, see below.

If the odor continues to persist, then there may be a problem with the metal plate and the fan on the printed circuit board inside the bottom half of the humidifier. If this is the case, consider replacing the humidifier with a new one.

Follow the “R2-D2's Fan is Not Functioning” troubleshooting guide (below).

The fan that is inside the humidifier is either not spinning, spinning slowly, emitting too much noise

Note: The humidifier must be taken apart to get access to the fan. Handle with care and caution, for wires connected to the fan are fragile.

If both the power cable and printed circuit board are functioning correctly, the fan may have loose connections to the printed circuit board and would need to be re-soldered onto the board or the humidifier would have to be replaced.

Lubricate the fan using sewing oil. If this fails, fan may not be receiving enough power. Check the circuitry for any rips in the cable or scratches on the motherboard. Replace these parts as needed. If all these fails or aren’t applicable, the fan may need a replacement with this guide.

Check if your humidifier has oil holes for light sewing oil. If so apply few drops of light oil into the holes. If the humidifier does not have oil holes, just apply some oil around the edges of the fan. If the loud noise persists, then replace the fan with this guide.

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