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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

If your device will not turn on it may be a result of low battery power. Ensure that the device is correctly connected to the charger before attempting to power on again.

If your Ematic EXP8 turns off spontaneously, this could be a result of insufficient battery power. Ensure the unit is correctly connected to the charger, and let charge fully before using again.

It is possible that it this could be due to a faulty charger. Replace charger.

Use volume controls on top left side of the unit to make sure the volume is turned on. If turning the volume up is unsuccessful replace faulty speaker.

Look for any damage on USB cable, if damaged replace USB cable. If USB cable looks undamaged it could be the operating system's inability to support unit. Check the manual for systems compatible and install or update a compatible operating system.

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Very nice troubleshooting page! Your URL is formatted correctly, and all of the issues addressed in the page are common problems. I would add more information into the problem descriptions to make sure the user knows what issues to look for in their device. For example, in the section "unit connected to charger but not charging," add another possible problem the device could have instead of only saying "replace charger." Also, feel free to use articles, (a, an, and the), to add more clarity to the page.

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