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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Edwin the Duck Troubleshooting

Released in 2015, Identified by model number EDW-001

You can’t get the duck to wake up.

To charge the duck, align the duck with the green charging dock and make sure the dock is plugged into the outlet. If the duck is not charging, view the guides on how to replace the battery. When the heart is yellow, the battery is low and when it is green, the battery is sufficient for functioning.

The button to turn the duck may be broken, click here to replace the button.

To change the battery, use the guide provided. One reason the battery would need to be replaced, would be because the motherboard and the battery pack aren't fully connected. Use the same guide to replace the battery.

Your device cannot find the duck via Bluetooth, or it’s experiencing problems staying connected to the duck.

Not all wireless devices use Bluetooth. Your device may also be outdated as the app requires iOS 6.0 or later for Apple devices, and version 4.4.2 and up for Android devices. However, please note Edwin the Duck is known for having compatibility issues with Android Devices. If possible, try to use a different device.

To enable Bluetooth, go into the settings of your mobile device and make sure Bluetooth is turned on. Depending on your device, you should see Edwin the Duck as one of the listed Bluetooth devices that you can connect to.

Bluetooth devices require you to be within a specified range. If you are outside the range, you may experience disconnections and interruptions with the connectivity to the device.

After prolonged use or playing in the bath, your duck’s speakers don’t work properly anymore.

The damage may have caused the motherboard to break and will cause the duck to stop making sounds. To fix this issue, see the guide how to replace the motherboard

Click here to see the guide to replace the speaker

Your duck does not seem to be charging at all.

When opening the the duck that contains the motherboard, make sure to not pull hard when separating the two parts. Wires are connected to both ends and if pulled with force, the wires will break damaging the function of the duck.

The micro usb cable or power block can be the issue. If so, it's best to order or buy new ones with the same charging entry to the duck.

In order to change the battery, you'll need to remove the skin of the duck, unscrew all the screws, to get the motherboard center of the duck. From there you will need to hold the battery and gently move it back and forth to remove with ease. This will be complicated to do because the battery is glued onto the side.

One of the duck’s lights is not turning on like it used to.

If the duck is making noise and responding to motions and the app, but the light isn't working, use the following guide to see how to replace the LED light.


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