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Eclipse MTE28VGM Troubleshooting

Eclipse Portable Music player is multipurpose media device capable playing music, taking video, and capturing photos.

Failure to Turn On ¶ 

You have trouble turning on your Eclipse music player.

Faulty Charger ¶ 

If the device fails to charge after being plugged into the power adaptor for adequate amount of time, it's possible that the device charger has failed. If the device is unresponsive after charging, replacing the charger is the first step you should take. If this does not work, please see the faulty battery section for additional instructions.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

If the device fails to charge after being plugged into the power adaptor for adequate amount of time and you have tried a working or new device charger, it's possible the battery is faulty. This process will require you to solder the battery wiring to the motherboard. In order to do this, you will need to refer to a soldering guide at Soldering. Caution should be used when replacing the battery, as an old battery can swell. This swelling can make the device casing difficult to remove and increase the opportunities to puncture the battery. It is recommended that safety glasses be used when replacing a battery.

Unresponsive Display ¶ 

The display is unresponsive when you try activate it.

Toggle button is broken ¶ 

If the display is unresponsive and you are sure the device is charging properly, you might have a broken toggle button. This button is located at the top of the device. Common indications of a failed toggle button would include a freely moving button, a non-moving button or a rattling sound in the area of the button.

Damage to the Exterior of the Device ¶ 

The exterior housing of the device becomes broken, cracked or damaged

Plastic case is damaged or cracked ¶ 

If the case is damaged or cracked, you will need to replace the casing.

Distorted Photos ¶ 

Camera images appear distorted.

Scratched or damaged Lens ¶ 

The camera itself is protected by a clear plastic cover. Visually inspect the clear plastic cover for damage. Check the display to see if the quality of the image is distorted. If the image displayed on the screen is distorted and/or obvious damage to the clear plastic cover, you'll need to replace the outer plastic cover.

No Audio ¶ 

You are unable to hear any sound from the device.

Speaker is not providing any Sound ¶ 

If you are hearing no sound from the speaker but are able to adjust the volume on the display, you may need to replace the speaker. This process will require you to solder the speaker wiring to the motherboard. For this, you will need to refer to soldering guide found at Soldering.


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