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Brush bar Has Trouble Rotating ¶ 

Loose Fastener ¶ 

Within the carbon fiber tool there is a fastener marked with a padlock that may come loose overtime and heavy use. To refasten the padlock follow the Brush Bar Replacement and proceed to tighten the lock marked with a padlock with a quarter or other convenient coin.

Clogged Brushbar ¶ 

To replace or clean the Brushbar within the carbon fiber tool: Dyson Support

To replace or clean the Brushbar within the mini motorized tool: Dyson Support

Machine Displays an LED Light ¶ 

Flashing Blue Light ¶ 

This light means your Dyson vacuum battery is running low.

Fast Flashing Blue Light ¶ 

Indicates no power or a temporary fault including blockages in the filter. Deep cleaning your Dyson How to Deep Clean your Dyson Vacuum

Amber Light ¶ 

Indicates that there is no power or temporary fault such as the machine is either overheating or working in too low of temperatures.

Flashing Red Light ¶ 

The red flashing light indicates that there is a more serious problem with the vacuum and it needs repair. To find out what is wrong with your Dyson or ask for additional help, call the Dyson support: 1 (844) 679-1647.

More on the Dyson LED lights: Dyson Support

Turning Off Mid Use ¶ 

Blocked Filter ¶ 

Your vacuum may automatically shut off if large items are blocking the tools or nozzle. To resolve this problem either remove the debris or wash the filter. Here is some additional help: Clearing Debris and Cleaning the Filter

Flashing Light ¶ 

A flashing light indicates that there is something wrong with your device and this may lead your vacuum to turn off. To fix this please refer to the "Machine Displays an LED Light" section with or call Dyson for additional help: 1 (844) 679-1647.

Suction Power Severely Lacking ¶ 

Blockage Within the Filter ¶ 

If your filter is blocked it is necessary to disassemble part of your Dyson V6 Motorhead for cleaning.

Brush Bar Replacement

Device Overheating ¶ 

Max Mode Overused ¶ 

If the device is used on max mode until the battery is drained, amber LED will flash, indicating device requires a few minutes to cool down before charging.


Brush Bar will not rotate.

Paul Calvert - Reply

Brush Bar will not rotate at all.

Paul Calvert - Reply

What does it mean when the Dyson V6 Motörhead + pulsates on and off six times, and again when you push the on button again, over and over?

George Williams - Reply

Hi, this happens when the machine senses it cannot pull enough air through the machine.

Usually it's because the filter is not clean enough. To check if it's the filter then take the filter out and try switching machine on. If it now works then the problem is the filter. Wash the filter by outing it in your washing machine. Rinsing it under the tap is not sufficient enough and leaves it soaked in water. The washing machine method leaves it almost dry and it smells nice too. NB - Dyson won't tell you this for fear of damage occurring to your washing machine. No damage will occur.

Dyson Solutions -

Good gouge. Mine was doing the same thing, but it was the flapper valve stuck shut, some cat hair and debris had gotten lodged. But once I knew I was looking for a clog it was a quick find, thanks!

Kent Nichols -

What does it mean when you put it back on the charger and it flashes amber and blue back and forth very fast. I can't find anything with both colors flashing simultaneously very fast

Tyler Huard - Reply

Brush bat does not spin. How do I fix this?

Nicole Daly - Reply

Brush bar does not spin

Nicole Daly - Reply

Hi what does it mean if the brush bar spins normally on normal mode but as soon as I switch to max the brush bar stops spinning and power stops. Vacuum is fully charged btw

Amy corker - Reply

Brush bar not turning

Olive Lewis - Reply

Brush bar won't rotate

Ron Crambo -

Brushbar won't spin

Ron Crambo -

Just repaired V6. Fault- brush bar not rotating. Found to be power supply from hand set not connecting. Remove vacuum chamber fully and you will see two contacts that engage with contact on main body. These were covered in debris that was acting as an insulator. Therefore no power was being supplied to stick and therefore brush head. Cleaned these contacts with cotton bud, hye presto, brush now working.

Melvyn Walmsley -

Brush bar not rotating, I have the fault and the connection between the vacuum and the extender rod doesnt clip in fully. The rod hangs out slightly abt 2mm gap at the bottom where the electric goes. Bar works when I push this close but as soon as try and do any cleaning it stops again. Any suggestions?

Ashley Hunt - Reply

When plugged into charger the machine flashed blue 10 times then stops. There is no power or suction. Please help

Callie - Reply

Hello we have two dysons and they both have been cleaned etc they will be fully charged and work fine but as soon as we put on max speed for say carpets they cut out imstantly

Mel - Reply

Hello, the Motörhead and the hose are both stuck together and The button is jammed tight and cannot remove them both from each other.

replies would be great thank you

Keiran Williams - Reply

Brush bar will not rotate ,stripped head down to reveal small bush behind Spring on motor end had seized ,greased bush and pushed down spring to locate teeth into grooves and manually rotated sleeve,rebuilt and appears to be working.

andrew587 - Reply


Pos Moo -

Andrew - when you say you stripped down the head - is this the motor in the brushbar unit itself you are referring to or the main unit motor head?


Benedict Wimpenny -

Why does my Dyson V6 have no power at all? Pressing the button to vacuum and there’s no response at all from the unit even though it’s been charging overnight, so should be fully charged.


chryl_dncn - Reply

Mine is doing this at the moment, the green light comes on but no power. Have cleaned filter and brush but still not working

Dianediwolfe -

I’ve had my Dyson v6 in charge for the past six hours and it still doesn’t vacuum. Incidentally the blue light is not on either and hasn’t been on whilst charging. The light does come on when pressed and then goes off.

Anna Nazareth - Reply

My Dyson v6 has been charging for over 7 hours with no blue light showing but still not vacuuming.

Anna Nazareth - Reply

We are having the same issue with a vacuum less than a month old. Have you resolved this issue?

Matt Shrull -

We are having the same issue with our vacuum that is less than 1 month old. Have you found a fix to get your vacuum working?

Matt Shrull -

Hi my dyson

flashs a red light for about 20 seconds when plugged in and does not charge, any ideas what’s wrong


Andrew - Reply

I'm having the same problem with mine and it's only a year old

Monae Baker -


my Dyson when plugged in flash’s a red light for around 20seconds then stops. It’s not charging at all

any ideas??????

Andrew - Reply

My Dyson works in “pulse mode” for a minute, then shuts off. I tried cleaning the filter and the battery is charged. I’ve been trying to call customer support for days and can’t get through. Has anyone else had this issue? I’d welcome any advice from anyone since no one is answering the phones at Dyson support.

marylehaf - Reply

My Dyson is working in “pulse mode” for a minute and then shutting off. I tried cleaning the filter and the battery is charged. I’ve been trying to call the Dyson support line for 3 days but just get the message about unusually high call volume. Website was no help either. I’d welcome any advice from anyone since nobody’s answering the phones at Dyson.

marylehaf - Reply

Hi. My V6 makes a faint clicking noise from the motor unit and doesn’t power up. thought it might be related to the battery, but have bought a new one and still does the same. Any suggestions?

TB1999 - Reply

Hi. My v6 doesn’t power up,mand makes a faint clicking noise from the motor unit. I thought it might be in need of a new battery. I ve replaced this, and it still does the same. Any ideas?

TB1999 - Reply

My Dyson flashes a red light for a few seconds the the light goes off and it is not charging. Please help. Love my Dyson.

Linda Gasperini - Reply

Just bought a Dyson v6. Worked great for a few weeks. Now when I pull the trigger it flashes blue then green but does nothing. Any thoughts.

Nick - Reply

My brush head doesn’t rotate machine won’t come on jut pulsates 7-8 times then green light shows up?? What do I do

Francine Forrester - Reply

Hey everyone.

I have a blinking blue light on the battery. Should this be thrown out?

Pos Moo - Reply

Hi my Dyson v6 is fully charged, after approx 30 secs of use it cuts out flashing amber then flashing blue. I put it on charge for 5 secs and it works again but cuts out after approx 30 seconds. I've completely cleaned the whole device out and still happening??

jadeburns25 - Reply

My Dyson V6 has red flashing light which disappears after some time & does not charge when placed on charger. Can someone please help? Many thanks

Sunita Lal - Reply

I have this same issue, any update on a fix?

Lisa Hurst -

My Dyson stick is pulsating on and off suction.

Karen - Reply

My dyson v6 keeps stopping and starting when holding the button

Jackie - Reply

Mine too! No idea why

Karina -

When pushing the button on my v6 it keeps stopping and staring

Jackie - Reply

My dyson dont turn on, the blue light bright one time, after this the red ligth still on.

anthony_paterno - Reply

Has anyone noticed that the V6 carpet brush bar only works in one direction on some carpets? I have some twist pile rugs and it is a damned nuisance that I can’t just push and pull my vacuum cleaner in the usual way.

Wendy Carrier - Reply

The v6 is stop starting constantly and the MAX light is flashing blue then it cuts off. The filter is cleaned and there is nothing blocking it. Any suggestions?

Karina - Reply

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