Brush bar Has Trouble Rotating  ¶ 

Loose Fastener

Within the carbon fiber tool there is a fastener marked with a padlock that may come loose overtime and heavy use. To refasten the padlock follow the Brush Bar Replacement and proceed to tighten the lock marked with a padlock with a quarter or other convenient coin.

Clogged Brushbar

To replace or clean the Brushbar within the carbon fiber tool: Dyson Support

To replace or clean the Brushbar within the mini motorized tool: Dyson Support

Machine Displays an LED Light  ¶ 

Flashing Blue Light

This light means your Dyson vacuum battery is running low.

Fast Flashing Blue Light

Indicates no power or a temporary fault including blockages in the filter. Deep cleaning your Dyson How to Deep Clean your Dyson Vacuum

Amber Light

Indicates that there is no power or temporary fault such as the machine is either overheating or working in too low of temperatures.

Flashing Red Light

The red flashing light indicates that there is a more serious problem with the vacuum and it needs repair. To find out what is wrong with your Dyson or ask for additional help, call the Dyson support: 1 (844) 679-1647.

More on the Dyson LED lights: Dyson Support

Turning Off Mid Use ¶ 

Blocked Filter

Your vacuum may automatically shut off if large items are blocking the tools or nozzle. To resolve this problem either remove the debris or wash the filter. Here is some additional help: Clearing Debris and Cleaning the Filter

Flashing Light

A flashing light indicates that there is something wrong with your device and this may lead your vacuum to turn off. To fix this please refer to the "Machine Displays an LED Light" section with or call Dyson for additional help: 1 (844) 679-1647.

Suction Power Severely Lacking ¶ 

Blockage Within the Filter

If your filter is blocked it is necessary to disassemble part of your Dyson V6 Motorhead for cleaning.

Brush Bar Replacement

Device Overheating ¶ 

Max Mode Overused

If device is used on max mode until battery is drained, amber LED will flash, indicating device requires a few minutes to cool down before charging.


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