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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

The vacuum will not hold a charge.

If the vacuum will not turn first check to see if the wire on the charger is torn. If there are no noticeable marks on it then it could be that the charger itself is broken. If this happens simply replace the charger with a new one.

The battery is another reason why the vacuum may not charge properly. One way to figure out if the battery is dead is to try to find another appliance that can use the charger. If the charger works for that appliance then it could mean that the battery for your vacuum is dead. If the battery itself turns out to be dead then you can follow our replacement guide to learn how to remove the battery with the link below.

Replacement Guide:

The vacuum is unable to power on.

Similar to the charging issue above the battery could be an issue if the vacuum won't turn on. The battery itself could just be dead and you would need to replace it. Follow the link below to our replacement guide to learn how to remove the battery.

Replacement Guide:

A defective motor is also another reason that may cause the device to not turn on. If the vacuum does turn on for a second or two and you hear a weird noise it could mean something is wrong with the motor. If the motor is defective then you can follow the link below to our replacement guide on how to remove the motor.

Replacement Guide:

Vacuum is on and working but there is no suction.

A full dust bin can cause the vacuum to have weak or low suction which means you will need to empty the dust bin. On the left side of the device you will see a red switch. Push down the switch and you should hear a click. This will allow you to open the dust bin and clear out any debris that may be blocking the suction of the vacuum.

Dusty filter is also another reason that causes your vacuum to have weak or no suction. On the top of the vacuum there is a purple switch. Push the switch and the main part of the vacuum should come off allowing you to remove the filter. You need to take the filter out, wash it with clean water, and let it dry before putting it back in.

If the battery gives low power to the device, it can also make weak suction. You can try to charge the battery again. If charging is not working, you will need to replace the battery. The link below will take you to our replacement guide which will show you how to remove the battery.

Replacement Guide:

I cannot open the dust bin to remove dust.

Sealed rubber rim may be wedged in, making the bottom face unable to open. Make sure to see if the red switch can open the dust bin. If this doesn't work try using a spudger to wedge open the bottom of the dust bin.

The red switch needs to be free of obstructions to force open the bottom face of the dust bin. Make sure you hear the click before trying to open the dust bin to avoid breaking it. If this doesn't work you could use a spudger to open it.

My attachment keeps falling off while I am using the vacuum.

When putting on an attachment make sure you hear a click from the tool catch. If you don't hear a click or even if you do hear a click then it could mean your tool catch is broken or the part of the attachment that goes into the tool catch is broken.

The plastic button release may be damaged and ineffective in keeping on an attachment. If the button is completely stuck then you may need a new tool catch and spring.


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