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Drobo FS DRDS2-A Troubleshooting

Your file server will not turn on

Make sure power supply is fully connected to the Drobo file server and to the wall outlet, as well as, the power cord is fully connected to the adapter. If problem persists try plugging power supply into different outlet. If another outlet does not work, make sure the power supply is working properly, if not it must be replaced.

Your Drobo's LED's won't light up or storage space won't show up on computer

Block Image

Drobo file server is over 95% full, add or replace indicated hard drives with larger storage.

That hard drive has failed and needs to be replaced.

Double check connections between hard drive and drive mount, if problems persists, disconnect hard drives and clean connections. If the LED still does not display, either the hard drive or the drive mount are faulty and need to be replaced.

Your Drobo does not appear in Drobo control software or as a network device

Make sure software is properly installed and fully updated. To update drivers visit and download proper drivers for your Drobo unit and operating system.

Double check Drobo unit is fully connected via ethernet cable. If problem persists, diagnose network problems, this may be a bigger issue than the file server. If your network does not have DHCP enabled or supported, connect Drobo directly to computer via ethernet cable and enable DHCP on computer. Then assign a static IP address to the Drobo, after this the Drobo can be plugged directly into the network.

The device appears to be warmer than normal operating temperatures / Red Power LED

Block Image

Check to see that the fan is still working by placing your hand behind the device near to the grate to see if air is still being pushed through. If there is air coming out then perform a safe shutdown (not pulling the power cord) so that the device can cool down. If air is not coming out it is possible that dust is caught in the grate clogging the airways.

Clean the grate to make sure airways are clean. If the problem persists use canned air to clean the inside of the device and the grate to remove any unseen dust. If the fans still do not push enough air they may need to be replaced.

If your Drobo file server is overheating not due to the fan, make sure the Drobo device is not on any overly hot surface. Also make sure that it is not in a location where any excess heat will be placed directly onto it. Then do a safe shutdown and wait for the device to cool. Remember it is always advised not to put electronic devices in a freezer or refrigerator.

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what is the solution of this error?

DDA: 00001f9c 08\12 10:36:13 Information - Host OS: Microsoft Professional (build 9200), 64-bit

DDA: 00001f9c 08\12 10:36:13 Information - Version: 3.1.1 [91377]

DDA: 00001f9c 08\12 10:36:13 Information - Language: en-GB

DDA: 00001f9c 08\12 10:36:13 Information - Version: 3.1.1 [91377]

DDA: 00001f9c 08\12 10:36:13 Error - DDADiagsSettings::loadDiagSettings failed to load diag setting from file C:\ProgramData\Drobo Dashboard\settings\DiagsSettings.xml.

DDA: 00001f9c 08\12 10:39:14 Information - AlertWindow - Show alert: status: 0x0, severity: 0

DDA: 00001f9c 08\12 20:04:29 Error - UThread::EndThread() - Timed out waiting for thread 1030 to exit

DDA: 00001f9c 08\12 20:04:29 Error - UThread::EndThread(tDDAServiceClient) - Terminating thread 1030

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