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Dremel 8220 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you identify and solve most of the problems that you might be experiencing with your Dremel 8220 Cordless. Release Date: June 22, 2012

Your Dremel 8220 won’t power on, completely unresponsive.

The Dremel 8220 requires 1 hour of charging time to reach its full capacity. The battery has a relatively short usage time and can lose power during long periods of not being used. Attempt to recharge the battery back, it may take longer than the recommended 1 hour charge time.

The battery has to be properly inserted and the device and must make good contact for the Dremel to work. Ensure both the battery and the contact points of the device are clean. If the battery seems to be in good shape then continue to other possible problems.

This component can break over time with use. This component may require fixing or complete replacement if not functioning properly. If this is your issue, refer to our power switch replacement guide.

If all of the other components are in working order then you may have a burnt out motor. This will require a motor replacement. If this is your issue, refer to our motor replacement guide.

Battery pack will not accept a charge from the charger.

The battery pack might not be making good contact with the charger. Ensure the contact point are clean on the battery and charger. Make sure battery is fully inserted into charger

Try device with a different battery if available, if this fixes device then replace the battery.

You attempted to insert an attachment into the collet but it will not accept a bit.

The collet inside of the collet nut can get worn out with heavy use. The collet can also be corroded or it could be very dirty, not allowing it to open enough to accept a bit. If you suspect the collet nut is on too tight, try punching out the collet from the collet nut. Once removed, make sure the collect is in good working condition. If this is your issue, refer to our collet replacement guide

The shaft lock button will not lock, therefore, you are unable to change the tightness of the collet nut, the spring in lock button could be dislodged or broken. If the button will not return when you release it, the spring is most likely dislodged or broken in this case as well. if this is your issue, refer to our gear lock button replacement guide

The Dremel will only work at low speeds. The device is unresponsive to changes in the speed selector switch.

If the device will turn on and it is working, but the speed cannot be changed, the speed selector switch may be broken. Check to see if the wiring of the speed selector seems to be correct.

If the speed selector switch is okay the issue may be the motor. Consider replacing the motor if other easier solutions do not solve your device’s issues. If this is your issue, refer to our motor replacement guide.

Dust and debris can build up inside of the Dremel affecting the performance of the internal parts. Over time, this can put stress on the motor and cause it to break down. If the device seems to be dirty internally, remove as much debris as possible and see if issues persist.

If the speed selector switch and motor seem to be in working order your battery may be the issue. Give the battery a full charge and see if the problem is fixed.


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