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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Digital2 D2-861G Troubleshooting

The device won’t hold a charge and won’t power on.

Make sure the charger is properly plugged into the device’s USB port. Try using a different device with the same port as a way to test if the charger is working. Sometimes using a different USB cable can help fix this problem.

If battery life decreases drastically, try closing apps that are running in the background, as they can cause the device to work harder. It is also recommended to turn off the Wi-Fi and can help the device last longer.

Using the device while charging causes the battery to be overused and can cause it’s charge to decrease faster.

Batteries are meant to eventually die and will need to be replaced. Refer to our battery replacement guide for instructions.

The touchscreen does not respond when tapped.

The device can become inoperable if the device screen has water drops or is dirty. Make sure to clean the device with a soft cloth to avoid scratching the device and use rubbing alcohol, as it evaporates quickly and disinfects.

With bad calibration, it may be hard to locate the option to calibrate the touchscreen. If possible, follow the steps on the device to re-calibrate the device.

If the device has been mistreated, it may cause damage to the digitizer or sensor and can cause malfunctions. If you considered replacing the screen, refer to our replacement guide.

If the device does not respond to touch or using the volume buttons, the device screen may have failed.

If the device has been mistreated, then it can cause malfunctions. Refer to our repair guide to replace the screen. LCD Replacement Guide

The device will not respond.

Press the power button to check that the tablet can be turned on. Once it has booted to the main screen, press the volume button to display the volume bar. If the device can not be rebooted and does not display the volume bar, the LCD screen may have failed.

If the device does not turn on, check that it is fully charged. (Proceed to step 2 if this does not work.).

If the device does not turn on, the battery may be dead or uncharged. Change the battery and try to power on the device again.

If the device does not turn on doing these steps, then the motherboard may have failed.

You may have trouble listening to sounds on your tablet.

Use the volume buttons to set the sound to an audible level.

If headphones are being used and the sound is distorted, make sure the jack is in all the way of the port. If distortion continues, use different headphones or the port may be bad or non working.

Make sure the speaker is not covered or is dirty. This can cause distortion and possibly cause speaker failure.

The speaker in the device can become overused and may consider replacing the speaker. Refer to our replacement guide for instructions on replacing the speaker.

To check for the problem, open different apps with a source of sound. Sometimes apps do not have audio to them. If an app is supposed to have sound, try reinstalling it.

The device camera is not taking pictures or responding.

When the device is low on battery, the camera app will require a minimum of 10% battery in order to take pictures.

If the rear or front camera is not responding, try restarting the camera app.

If the rear camera works and the front does not, try swapping the camera using the setting on the camera app.

If swapping sides on the camera does not work, then try restarting the device. If this does not work, then the device camera (whichever side) may be bad/non working.


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