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Dell Vostro 1500 Troubleshooting

Computer Won't Turn On ¶ 

When the power button is pressed the screen won't turn on, and the light indicating the computer is turned on is not lit.

Is Battery Charged ¶ 

Make sure that the battery is charged. Plug the AC adapter into the computer and check to see if a light turns on.

Bad Battery ¶ 

The battery on the computer could be bad. To check this remove the battery and attempt to turn on with only the AC power cord plugged into the computer. If the computer turns on with only the power cord plugged in then the battery is the problem and will need to be replaced.

Overheating ¶ 

The computer could have overheated too often, and in this case a new computer will have to be purchased.

Computer Won't Boot ¶ 

The Dell logo will appear, but will then disappear and the display will turn black, and the power will stay on.

Bad Battery ¶ 

If the battery is bad then the computer will not be able to boot properly, to test if the battery is the problem remove the battery, and then plug in the AC power cord. Attempt to turn on the computer, and if it boots with only the AC power cord then the battery is the problem, and needs to be replaced.

Ram Not Properly Attached ¶ 

The problem could lie in the computers RAM(memory). Check to make sure that the RAM is properly connected. To do this simply follow our RAM replacement guide.

Bad Hard Drive ¶ 

If the Battery is not causing the issue then it most likely is caused by a bad hard drive, which will need to be replaced.

Computer Wont Come Out of Hibernation ¶ 

When you attempt to take the computer out of hibernation the computer will not turn back on.

Calibrate the Battery ¶ 

A known solution to the problem is to calibrate the battery. To do this remove the battery and hold the power button for two minutes. After two minutes insert battery, and plug in AC power cord and turn on the power.

Turn off hibernation ¶ 

If you cant solve the problem turn off hibernation until a solution can be found.

Computer Needs to be Reset ¶ 

Windows updates added RealTek drivers which are known to cause the problem. Install the default Dell drivers, and the issue should be fixed.

Speakers Won't Work ¶ 

No sound will come from the speakers, but if something is plugged into the audio jack sound will come from whatever is plugged in.

Make Sure Playback Device is set Right ¶ 

left click on the speaker icon in the lower right hand corner and select "playback device". right click on Speakers/Headphones and select "set as default". to check if it worked left click on Speakers/Headphones and select "test"

Speakers Muted ¶ 

If the speakers are muted then no sound will come from them. Go to the volume control panel, and click on advanced. A new window called "advanced audio controls for volume control" should then open. Under Other Controls there should be a checkbox labeled "1 PC Spk Mute", uncheck this box if it is checked and the speakers should work .

Optimize Speaker for Headphones Activated ¶ 

If the option to optimize speaker output for headphones is selected then the speakers will not work, but any device plugged into the audio jack will work normally. To make sure this is not on go to start, click on all programs, then click on creative, then click on sound blaster audigy, then click on creative audio center. In this panel there should be a checkbox marked "optimize speaker output for headphones" if this box is checked uncheck it and test to see if the speakers will function.

Computer Crashes Constantly ¶ 

The computer will shut down without the user shutting it down.

Outdated drivers ¶ 

Go to the manufactures website, and check to see if any updates are available for the chipset, video, and audio drivers.

Overheating ¶ 

The Dell Vostro 1500 is known to shut down in the middle of use and not turn back on. In most cases there is no solution to the problem other than to purchase a new computer.


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