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Dell Vostro 1400 Troubleshooting

A troubleshooting guide to help you fix common issues with the Dell Vostro 1400.

Black Screen ¶ 

Laptop will boot up and produce sound but no screen display ( See screen replacement guide)

Computer is Frozen ¶ 

Sometimes all devices need a restart to function properly again. The Dell Vostro 1400 can be rebooted by holding down Ctrl + F11.

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is Defective ¶ 

The GPU can be overheating and causing it to fail. Replacing this part with a new one could fix the display issues.

Motherboard is Faulty ¶ 

If the motherboard is the culprit of the black screen, the best way to fix it is to replace the motherboard. (See speaker replacement guide)

Faulty Speakers ¶ 

There is no sound coming from the speakers when I try and play music or a video

Speakers Are Off ¶ 

Be sure to check and make sure the mute button is not on your speakers. Or make sure the volume is turned up completely on your computer. You can check this by locating the sound or volume settings.

Defective Hardware ¶ 

Running a diagnostics tests will tell you if there is a problem with the computer's hardware. You can run a diagnostic test by holding down F12 and then selecting “Diagnostic.”

Hard Drive Corrupted ¶ 

Hard drive device is loud, computer seems slower than usual, random files keep getting deleted without warning.

Restart the Laptop ¶ 

Turn your laptop off and turn it back on.

Remove the Battery ¶ 

Remove the battery and then place it back in your laptop

Remove the Hard Drive ¶ 

Remove the hard drive and then place it back in you laptop

Remove the Battery and Hard Drive ¶ 

Remove both the Battery and the Hard Drive and then place them back in your laptop

Reboot the Device ¶ 

The device may need to be reset in order to function properly again. You can reset the Vostro 1400 by holding down Ctrl F11

Corrupted Hard Drive ¶ 

The hard drive may be too corrupted for you to fix without the proper software or professional help. Detailed instructions on how to replace or repair a corrupted device can be found in the following links

Battery wont charge laptop ¶ 

The battery is not detected on laptop and wont charge laptop

Remove the Battery ¶ 

Remove the battery and place back into laptop

Make sure A/C adapter is plugged in ¶ 

Unplug and and reattach A/C adapter

Make sure outlet is functional ¶ 

Test your outlet to make sure your A/C adapter is getting charge

Check to see if your charger is plugged in ¶ 

Unplug your charger from your laptop and then plug it back in fully

No more memory space ¶ 

Laptop has run out of memory space

Check your memory space ¶ 

Go to settings then to storage to see how much memory is on your laptop


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