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Dell Latitude E6320 Troubleshooting

Part of Dell's E-Series, released 2011- 2012

Keyboard Not Responding ¶ 

Presses to the keyboard are unresponsive or keys are missing.

Malfunctioning keyboard ¶ 

Follow this guide to open the laptop and replace the keyboard.

Key(s) are stuck ¶ 

Remove the keyboard by following the instructions on Dell Latitude E6320 Keyboard Replacement. Use compressed air to thoroughly clean the spaces underneath the stuck key.

Cursor speed needs adjustment ¶ 

If Trackpad or the Trackpoint cursor travels slower than expected on screen, adjust cursor sensitivity in Control Panel.

Battery Depleting Quickly ¶ 

The device shows a marked reduction in battery life.

Applications draining battery ¶ 

Quit applications that are causing excessive energy drain in Windows.

Old or malfunctioning battery ¶ 

Batteries have a limited lifespan or charge cycle. Follow Dell Latitude E6320 Battery Replacement to replace the device’s battery.

Issues Reading CDs/DVDs ¶ 

Dell Latitude E6320 optical drive is not functioning properly or unable to read discs.

Optical drive is dusty ¶ 

Detach the optical drive from computer, open its tray, and wipe the lens. You might also spray the slot and the drive’s connectors (pins) with compressed air to remove any dust.

Reattach the optical drive back into the slot and make sure that it is properly locked in place. If problem persists, your optical drive may need replacement.

Optical drive needs replacement ¶ 

Detach and replace the optical drive as shown in Dell Latitude E6320 DVD/CD Optical Drive Replacement.

Distorted Screen Images ¶ 

The computer screen has either dead pixels, a distorted image, or will not display images at all.

Screen is unplugged from device ¶ 

Use this guide to remove the screen. Check that the cable connecting to the screen is properly fashioned and are plugged in properly for the screen

Screen needs replacing ¶ 

Replace the screen using Dell Latitude E6320 Screen Replacement.

Device is Overheating ¶ 

The computer is unusually hot and possibly experiencing heat-related issues such as locking up, freezing, rebooting, or spontaneously shutting down.

Vent is on soft surface ¶ 

Computer will overheat much more quickly on a soft surface, such as a blanket or your legs. Move computer onto a hard, flat surface.

Fan is dirty ¶ 

Clean the vents using Compressed Air or replace the fan.


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