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Dell Latitude 10-ST2e Troubleshooting

The page will help you diagnose problems with the Dell Lattitude 10-ST2e, a tablet released by Dell in April 2014

The tablet does not respond to the home button input, and does not return to home screen.

Your device may be stuck in a boot loop due to a software glitch. Hold the power button down until the device powers down completely and then power it back up. If the problem persists, remove the battery from the device. Then insert it back into the device and power it back up.

There is a possibility that your battery may be faulty and unable to hold a charge. Try plugging in the device to the charger and booting it from there. If the device powers up and works, you either need to charge the device, or you have a faulty battery. If the battery is faulty, replace it with this guide.

Perform a full factory reset. Attach a wired keyboard to the USB port of the device. During the boot, click “F12” until an alternate menu pops up. Select “Factory Data Reset” and follow the prompts to perform it.

The sound from the tablet is distorted and crackles, or the volume is low or does not play.

Ensure the wire connection between the speakers and the motherboard is complete, if not, remove the wire harness and reconnect to the board fully.

If your speakers are not fixed by other troubleshooting methods, replace the internal speakers with this guide.

The device displays: Your battery has experienced permanent failure and needs to be replaced.

The usual cause of the device displaying this error code is from the basic input/output software (BIOS) and chipset needing to be updated. Turn the device off and back on; if the display error persists, follow this link. to update the BIOS and chipset.

If the display error continues, this could be a sign of a faulty battery and may need to be replaced. Follow this guide to replace the battery.

The device screen turns on/off suddenly, automatically dims, or brightens without user input.

The motherboard provides power to the screen via a video cable, and often if this cable is not properly connected to the motherboard, the screen appears to flicker. Remove the video cable connection from the motherboard and inspect the connection clip. If the connection is undamaged, fully reconnect it to the motherboard. If the connection clip is damaged, replace the video cable and screen assembly.

Screen flickering could be due to a software malfunction, in which case a faulty video driver is the problem. Open a browser on the device, and navigate to Locate the “Drivers Home” page, select your device, and download the latest driver. Navigate to device manager on the tablet and uninstall the current driver. Click the new driver download file after booting to install the new driver.

The device does not follow user input and opens unwanted apps.

If the user touch is inaccurate or jumpy, it may just be a glitch or software error. Try powering the device off and powering it back on by holding the power button down. If the problem continues to occur, try resetting the screen settings in the “display menu” of the settings screen.

Check for updates. Attach a mouse to the USB port of the tablet and navigate to the Windows menu and pull up settings. Look for “Update” and check for system updates. If no updates appear, you may need to replace your screen to remedy this issue. Voice search, via Cortana, can be used to search for updates.

The device shuts down suddenly without user input.

The charger may not be charging the battery. Check to see if the charger works on another device to confirm that problem is with the charger. The charger will need to replaced if charger won’t work for another device it’s is compatible with.

Turn the device back on. If the device continues to shut down randomly, this could be a sign of a faulty battery and may need to be replaced. Make sure to plug in the charger to determine if the battery holds a charge. If the battery won’t hold a charge, follow this guide to replace the battery.


switch ON,but no display

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hello, i need help my dell switch on but no display…..

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