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Dell Inspiron M5110 Troubleshooting

15.6 inch Laptop, 4 GB Memory, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit, Resolution 1366 x 768

Touchpad is not Responding ¶ 

When you click or move the mouse it is not responding

Locked Mousepad ¶ 

Check to see if the the mousepad is locked. Look along the “F” keys on the top of the keyboard and find a key with a touch pad on it. Hold the “Fn” key and the corresponding “F” key to unlock.

Faulty Touchpad ¶ 

If unlocking the touchpad did not work, considering changing the touchpad.

Reboot ¶ 

Try restarting your laptop. If that does not work then reboot it.

Faulty Touchpad Drivers ¶ 

Reinstall the Dell touchpad drivers by searching on the Dell website for Dell Drivers & Downloads and following the on screen instructions.

Laptop is Overheating ¶ 

When you are using your laptop, you hear that the fan is very loud, and it shuts off randomly without a warning

Dusty Fan ¶ 

Overheating occurs when there the fan contains dusty or other stuff is collected in the fan, you can used a compressed air duster to blow the dust off fan.

Broken Fan ¶ 

Your fan may be malfunctioning. Check to see if your fan is working to cool down your system when your laptop is becoming excessively warm. If not you may need to replace the part.

The Processor is Being Overworked ¶ 

Your processor may be working intensively, consider closing some applications to ease the system.

Failure to Read Disk ¶ 

When a disk is inserted into the disk drive, the computer fails to recognize it

Bad Disk in Drive ¶ 

Or you may be inserting a disk that is too scratched or of the wrong type for the computer to read. Insert a different disk into the drive to determine if the problem is a bad disk or a bad drive.

Broken Disk Drive ¶ 

If you have inserted multiple disks into the drive and the computer does not recognize any of them, the disk drive is likely broken. You may want to consider replacement.

Keyboard keys not responding ¶ 

The keys are not responding properly

No Keys On Keyboard ¶ 

If the keys on the keyboard are missing consider changing the whole keyboard.

Keys Are Stuck ¶ 

You may have crumbs, sand or other debris in your keyboard. This can block the keys from being pushed down. Remove the key and wipe off the area underneath the key. After you done cleaning underneath the key snap the key back in place.

Laptop Will Not Power On ¶ 

When you turn on your computer, it starts to turn on and then quickly turns off

Faulty Charger ¶ 

Plug in the charger to make sure that the charging light comes on. If the charging light is not on then you may have a bad charger or power cord. You should consider replacing the non functioning parts or the entire laptop charger.

If you have a working charger and the charging light is not on, make sure the outlet is functional.

Make sure your laptop charger has the proper voltage, the average computer charger has 90 watts or more.

Defective Motherboard ¶ 

You may have a problem with your motherboard if both the battery and power cord are working and you are still having trouble with the laptop. In this case you may want to consider replacing the motherboard.

Bad Battery ¶ 

If you are not able to use your laptop while the the battery is connected and the laptop is plugged in with a working charger then you may have a bad battery, consider replacing.


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