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Dell Inspiron 3542 Troubleshooting

Released September, 2014. Inspiron 15 3542 4th Gen Intel PDC

Computer Won't Boot ¶ 

If your computer won't boot, and brings up an error message.

Hard Drive Problem ¶ 

If your computer files are disappearing, computer is slowing down, frequent freezes, or

the blue screen of death.

Follow our troubleshooting guide on how to remove and replace the hard drive in computer.

Motherboard Replacement ¶ 

If your computer doesn't reboot and there is a beep code. Sometimes there might be

random computer crashes or random reboots.

Follow our troubleshooting guide to remove and replace the motherboard.

Blue Screen of Death ¶ 

Windows gets a STOP error, automatically turning off your computer causing some data loss.

Installing a New Program ¶ 

Installing new programs can sometimes lead to the Blue Screen of Death. In order to fix this, try uninstalling new programs to see if your computer still brings up this screen.

Viruses ¶ 

Sometimes the Blue Screen of Death is caused by certain viruses. Run a virus scan on your computer to see if this is the cause.

Check the Amount of Free Space on Windows Drive ¶ 

These screens can occur if there is not enough free space on the Windows Operating System. Check the available space on the operating system, to see if some program need to be removed.

Computer is Slow to Boot, or Programs Are Slow to Load ¶ 

If your computer crashes, is slow, or performance diminishes. Parts of the display on

the screen appear to be missing. Install larger RAM.

Overheating computer ¶ 

Computer shuts off during normal operation, or gets much hotter than usual.

Broken Heatsink Fan ¶ 

If your computer is shutting down and causing issues with performance with the computer from overheating. Your Heatsink fan may be damaged. Excessive noise may also be an indicator that the Heatsink fan is damaged. Replacement may be needed or cleaning of fan.

Battery Dies Quickly ¶ 

If your computer cannot hold a charge for a normal period of time.

Battery Replacement ¶ 

If your computer is dying more than when you first purchased it, your battery may be defective. The computer may notify you if the battery is defective.


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