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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Some keys don't do anything when pressed.

If the key is blocked by dust or crumbs, use a can of compressed air to remove them. If this doesn't work, there could be something sticky holding it in place. To fix this, remove the key and clean around it with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol.

If none of the keys are responding, the keyboard may need to be replaced. You can replace it with this guide.

The computer will shutdown at random times without warning.

If there is an issue with the battery, the computer may seem to shutdown randomly. Refer to the Battery Stops Charging Properly section below for specific steps to troubleshooting the battery.

Unexpected shutdowns are often due to overheating. A common fix is using compressed air to clean out dust from the vents.

If you don’t hear the fans moving, then your computer is likely shutting down from overheating. This can be resolved by replacing the fans.

The screen will display nothing.

If there is no display, then the screen may need to be replaced. You can replace the screen with this guide.

If the screen is trying to display to the screen and the screen is almost completely black or the screen flickers, then the backlight likely burned out. You'll need to replace the entire screen to repair this issue.

The battery is no longer charging properly or holding a charge.

There's a chance that the broken part isn't the battery, rather it's the AC adapter which charges the battery. You can verify if it's the AC adapter by removing the battery from the laptop, plugging it in, and turning it on. If it still turns on, then the AC adapter is fine and the battery most likely needs replacement.

If when plugged in the battery refuses to charge, or the battery no longer seems to hold a charge for more than a short period of time, the battery itself may need replacement.

The laptop no longer produces any sound when audio is being played back.

If there's no sound being played, it's possible that the issue is simply that the volume is turned off. Verify that the volume is on when testing for potential speaker issues.

The speakers on the laptop may be broken and require replacement. You can verify that this is the case by plugging in an external pair of speakers or a pair of headphones and seeing if there's any audio output.

If no sound can be heard when using headphones, try unplugging the headphones and seeing if the audio plays fine over the built in speakers. If it does, try another pair of headphones. If there's still no audio, the headphone jack is probably damaged and will need to be repaired/replaced.


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