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You have trouble viewing your display.

If your display goes in and out of service, a the cable connecting your screen may not be fully plugged in. The best way to determine if this is your issue is to make sure there are no cracks in your screen, and make sure your display works in all orientations. If your display does not work at all, it may be and issue with the screen itself, or the input and output plugs.

If your display shows cracks or similar damage, you will need to replace the entire display to solve your issue. This type of damage can be the result of the device being dropped or having a heavy weight on it.

If your device's display shows no image, the issue may be the result of a faulty motherboard. This type of problem is not easily resolved and the best course of action would seeking a return with warranty.

The Laptop has trouble holding a charge.

If your laptop does not charge when plugged in, the trouble might be from broken wires in your charging cord. The best way to determine this is to check for a break in the cord, any expose of the inner wires will do, also make sure to try charging another laptop with the same charger to be fully sure that the fault is from the charger, not the laptop. The solution to this issue is to buy a new charger that works with the laptop.

Another reason for the laptop not charging might be from a broken charging port on the laptop. Make sure to check for any crack on the laptop charging port or cracked/loose power jack in the port. A solution to this problem is to replace the port on the computer.

If your laptop does not charge when plugged in, another issue might be from bad or faulty laptop battery. The best way to determine this is to check if the laptop turns on while plugged in but does not turn on without being plugged into a power source. The solution to this is getting a new laptop battery. Make sure to check for the website of the laptop for the specific kind of battery that works with the laptop.

The laptop is overheating after only a few minutes of use.

If your laptop is overheating, one of the reasons that it is doing that is because the fan cooling the laptop is dirty. If this is so, please check your fan for any dust or debris that might be coating it.

Another reason as to why your laptop is overheating is that the processor does not have enough thermal paste on it. The thermal paste helps cool your processor so that your laptop does not overheat. If this is the case, apply more thermal glue to the processor and evenly distribute the glue when re-attaching the heatsink.

The mouse doesn't move the way you want it to.

If your touchpad refuses any input, it may not be connected as a mouse. To make sure it is, open your device management page and ensure that it is listed as a mouse. If it is not, the solution is to download the driver from the manufacturer's website.

If your device has recently been dropped or damaged and is not registering any inputs, the touchpad itself could be broken. In this case the only fix is to replace the touchpad completely.

Another issue that you could be having is that the touchpad is not properly connected to the motherboard. If your touchpad seems to be going in and out of functionality, open the back of the laptop and ensure that it is plugged in correctly to the motherboard.

Discoloration or blank screen when viewing webcam.

If your webcam's connection seems to flicker often, the problem may be that it is not connected to the motherboard properly. In this case, the fix is to open the back of the device and ensure that it is connected correctly

If the webcam is not displaying any image, ensure that it is shown as a webcam in your device page. If it is not there, download the driver from the manufacturer's website.

If the picture shown by your webcam is cracked, blank, or is similarly distorted, the webcam itself could have suffered damage. If your device has been dropped or damaged, this could be the case. The only solution to this problem is to replace the webcam itself.


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