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DeWalt DW997 Troubleshooting

DeWalt 1/2" 18V cordless drill

Your drill will not turn on or rotate when the trigger is pressed.

Check if battery is charged by plugging it into the charger pack. If a red light turns on, the battery is not charged. If the light does not turn on, it could be a faulty battery. Check to see if the battery clicks when put in the drill. Make sure battery ports are free of corrosion or damage. If still no charge, replace using this guide.

Check for power light when charger is plugged in. Make sure that the outlet is functional. If battery still does not charge, replace the charger.

The drill will spin at one constant speed regardless if you change the position of the speed switch.

Check battery charge by placing it in the charger. A green light means the battery is charged while a red light means it is drained.

Check switch functionality. If the switch moves but there is no speed change or the switch is stuck, replace switch using this guide.

The drill will not change rotational direction when you move the forward/reverse switch.

If the switch is jammed or broken, replace it using this guide.

The drill emits an electrical fire smell or smoke when it is being used.

Check for debris in the vents that could be creating friction and heat. If any is present, clean out as much as possible while the drill is off. If needed, disassemble the drill using this guide.

Look inside vents, if there is sparking, carbon brushes are functional. No sparks mean worn out carbon brushes. If no sparks visible, replace carbon brushes using this guide.

You cannot insert or remove a bit from the chuck, it will not tighten/loosen up.

Check chuck for cracks or dents. If there is visible damage, disassemble and repair using this guide.


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