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DeWalt DW920 Troubleshooting

Pulling the trigger does not run the drill

Trigger cannot be pushed in and the lock is in the off position. If the trigger is jammed the drill will have to be opened so that the obstruction can be removed.

Trigger is fully compressed but the motor does not run. The trigger may also not fully recoil upon releasing it. If the trigger is loose then the drill can be opened up and it can easily be tightened.

A rattling can be heard when the drill is shook. Pressing the trigger in does nothing.

Trigger appears to be functioning but the motor is not running.

There will most likely be a connection tab disconnected from the trigger. Taking apart the drill and reattaching this tab should fix this issue.

A replacement motor is needed to be bought.

Battery does not retain a charge when place on the charger for an extended period of time.

If the battery is not fully connecting to the charger it will not charge. Check to make sure that the battery is clipped in. If it is fully pressed in then the issue may be within the battery or the charger.

Before buying a replacement make sure the issue is in the charging dock by connecting the drill to a working charger. If the dock is the problem buy a replacement.

The battery pack may not be retaining a charge which means a new battery is required. Issue can be distinguished if the drill works while connected to using a cord.

Flipping the switch is either not possible or does not change the rotational direction of the drill.

If the switch is jammed, like the trigger, the drill should be taken apart and the jam can be undone.

The switch may have broken into two or more pieces within the drill. A rattling may be heard when the drill is shaken. By taking apart the drill and removing the broken pieces a new switch can be installed.

If the drill does not switch rotational direction then it is likely slightly shifted within the drill. Opening the drill and readjusting the switch will likely fix this issue.

Lock switch either does not release or does not lock in the drill head.

If the hinge pin has broken then the lock switch may loosen to the point at which it no longer works. A new pin needs to be bought as replacements.

The hinge pin may have slid out of position. Taking the drill apart and shifting the pin back into place should solve the problem.

The switch might be stuck on the spring behind it or it may have been slightly shifted within the drill so that is was catching on another piece of the drill. Shifting the switch back into place should solve the issue.

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My 20v brushless doesn't work when battery is locked. But does just before the battery locks

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