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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Tablet Will Not Turn On ¶ 

"Tablet screen remains black and tablet is unresponsive when attempting to turn it on."

Battery drained/faulty ¶ 

If your tablet is not responding try charging it with the adapter if the battery is low. If the tablet remains unresponsive when charging, then there may be an internal problem with the battery itself. Refer to DOPO 10.1 Tablet Battery Replacement for a guide to replace the battery.

Cracked Screen ¶ 

"Has physical damage to screen surface."

If you have cracks on your screen, then it is important that you replace it. Refer to DOPO 10.1 Tablet Screen Replacement to replace your screen.

Distorted or No Audio ¶ 

"The audio from the speakers/headphones can not be heard or is distorted".

Obstruction in Audio Jack ¶ 

If the problem with your audio are occurring while wearing headphones, it is likely due to an obstruction within the audio jack. Please review the Double Power 1010 users manual provided on the Double Power Website. See link provided below.

Broken Speakers ¶ 

If the problem with your audio is occurring while attempting to play it aloud, the reasons can likely be attributed to damaged parts within the Double Power TD 1010 device. Reasons can be attributed to, but are not restricted to: disconnected wires, broken speaker(s), or a failing speaker(s). If this is the case, the most advised response is to contact the manufacturer. If this is unable to be done, replacement of the speakers will need to be done. Please note this will involve soldering. Please click on the link provided below for instructions on how to replace speakers.

DOPO 10.1 Tablet Speaker Replacement

Camera Malfunction ¶ 

"Have a cracked lens or a broken connection ."

Distorted pictures ¶ 

Take a look at the lens of the camera. If you can see a scratch, or that the lens is misshapen or warped, then you will have replace the camera. To do this, you will have to buy a .3 mega pixel dual camera, and follow the guide link, DOPO 10.1 Tablet Dual .3 mega pixel Camera Replacement for a step by step instruction on how to replace the camera.

Unresponsive Camera ¶ 

This is most likely because the connector to the cameras has stopped working. To repair this, you will have to buy a .3 mega pixel dual camera, and follow the guide link, DOPO 10.1 Tablet Dual .3 mega pixel Camera Replacement, for step by step instructions on how to replace the camera.

Button Connection Issues ¶ 

"Buttons on device are jammed into device or unresponsive when pressed."

You will most likely need to take the tablet apart to get a better look at the buttons when performing the action of pushing it. If the button does not work at all, then taking apart the tablet will be a must. Refer to the DOPO 10.1 Tablet Buttons Replacement to find out how to take apart the DOPO tablet, and repair/replace buttons.

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Cannot disable 'touchpad' when external wireless mouse is connected. Very difficult to type on attached keyboard with both 'touchpad' and wireless mouse activated. Please tell "us" how to disable the 'touchpad' and "Why does it not disable automatically when a USB for a wireless mouse is plugged in?" Chasing the cursor all over the place is no fun. Thank you.

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