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D-Link HD Wi-Fi Camera Troubleshooting

This is a troubleshooting page for the DCS-936L HD Wi-Fi Camera.

You have trouble connecting your camera to Wi-Fi.

This problem occurs when the camera is unable to pick up the WiFi signal. The probable cause for this problem could be a faulty Wi-Fi adapter within the camera.

A weak signal where the device has been mounted can cause connection problems.

The camera has to be set up though a d-link account to work properly. Elsewhere several users had difficulties when trying to connect the camera using the mydlink home app. Download app

Make sure have that WiFi connection is always connected with camera for the camera to connect correctly. The App works for most smart phones with internet capabilities.

You will find the camera’s Wi-Fi name and password on Quick install card “come with camera on the box.

  1. Connect the camera to your Wi-Fi network
  2. Add your camera to a mydlink account
  3. Access your camera from the App

Camera fails to detect movement.

Make sure the sensitivity is in a fitting range. If sensitivity is higher than it is supposed to be this will cause false alert.

Under Setup in the camera interface is where you can manage sensitivity. On the left side, click on Motion Detection, select Enable. Under Sensitivity, enter a percentage. The higher the number the easier the motions will be detected.

Set the camera up away from windows. Shadow light movement seems to cause false detection. So setting the camera away from windows can help.

Camera is recording grainy or blurry videos.

Use a big memory storage to get more high quality videos.

Make sure the camera is always connected to the WiFi and the signal is strong.

Place the camera indoors and away from the glare of windows or glasses.

This indicator is used to show the availability and strength of the wireless networks. Some users have reported blinking of the indicator while others would like to turn it off.

The led lights describe the status for the camera : Blinking Orange means ready but not connected to the WiFi. Solid Green means the camera is connected to the WiFi. Blinking Red LED will blink during the reset process. To replace or remove the indicator, use this guide

You may need to put the password in again to connect to Wi-Fi.

You can’t get the camera to record onto SD cards, or any can only get snapshots but not videos.

The most likely cause of being unable to record on a microSD card is that it has not been set up through the camera’s dlink account. This can be done through selecting the settings option for the camera and scrolling to advanced settings in your dlink account.

Some users have found that it is not formatted correctly and shows there is no space on the SD.

Open an internet browser and type the IP address of your camera into the address bar. When prompted, enter the username and password for the camera (The default username is admin with no password) Click the Setup Tab and then click SD Management on the left side. Click Format SD Card

The installed firmware may have uploaded incorrectly, or is out of date. Open a web browser, and enter your cameras IP address. Enter your camera's username and password. Click on Maintenance > Firmware Upgrade. Then click Browse, select the downloaded firmware, and then click the upload button.


How can I set this up on my phone

Pamela Hodges - Reply

Wi-Fi not connecting to my phone.

Pamela Hodges - Reply

The camera is connected with WPS, at the light is green. But when I go into the app and want t add a camera, is says:

Cannot connect to camera, Follow the setup guide to restore the connection.

What to do???

Jannie Sørensen - Reply

Cameras not recording to cloud during some events… will record before and after

Steve - Reply

Keeps saying error when signing in

Heidi Betrock - Reply

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