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CyberPowerPC Fangbook ms-1763 Troubleshooting

''This troubleshooting page should guide with most problems involving the CyberPowerPC Fangbook Evo MS-1763.''

You can feel far warmer than normal air coming from the laptop - Laptop is making a constant, loud noise.

As more of the computer's processing power is used, the more it has to work. This will increase the temperature of the components, making the laptop itself hotter. Fans will spin up to cool down, and this is the source of the noise. Check the task manager (Right click taskbar --> Task Manager). Click on the processes tab. This will show if any programs are using most of the power.

"Choked", meaning that it cannot maintain proper airflow throughout the laptop. This can arise from certain areas of the laptop that allow airflow (Vents, fans, etc.) being covered up or blocked by objects around them, or dust inside the machine. Check to see if any objects are blocking the vents - if one is present, remove it. If this doesn't solve the problem - consider cleaning the inside of the laptop

If you're computer is running extremely hot, but not actually making any noise - your CPU fan might have failed. You'll have more problems beside this once it fully fails, as the computer will shut down to prevent overheating if this happens. To confirm that it's the problem, feel the vents on the right side towards the back (Think the area above the numpad). If no airflow is being moved at all, the fan is not spinning. During this process, if no fan-noise is heard during startup, that's another sign. During startup, a computer will briefly put all fans at 100% speed.

If you can confirm that the fan has failed - follow our guide to replace the fan.

As time goes on, or after some downloads - You might find yourself unable to download more files. Check your computer's storage capacity (Hit the windows key. Type in "My Computer". Hit enter, and a window will pop up. This will display the storage drives used by your computer, and the current amount in them). If the drive has a red bar, it means it's getting very close - if not already, full. Delete unneeded files to free up space to continue downloading.

Acquire an external hard drive. Another option is to upgrade the size to a larger drive, allowing more storage.

You might find that the speakers on this laptop are unusable. Even with your volume not muted, no sound is being played.

Go to the windows taskbar, and head to the bottom right. There should be a small speaker icon. Check first to see if it has a small "X" next to it. This means it's muted. Click the icon, then click the other speaker icon that will appear in a pop-up window. This should remove the "x", and it will be un-muted.

If it is un-muted to begin with, right click the speaker icon. A pop-up window will appear where you clicked. Click on "Playback devices". These are the devices Window's uses to output sound being played. Check to make sure that the laptop's device (Usually has a laptop icon, or is just "Speakers".) Make sure it is enabled (Right click --> no checkbox next to "Disabled". If one is present, click it.)

If it is enabled, set it as the Default device. There is a button at the bottom of the window with "Set Default". Restart your computer after this.

Keys seem to not respond, or are completely stuck in place.

Both of these problems likely stem from the key itself on the laptop. Check that there are no obstructions on the key cap preventing it from moving at all. If it appears clear, but still unable to move - you might need to replace the key cap and re-install it. (Insert guide HERE)

Even after charging the battery up to full, it doesn't last anywhere near its intended time.

Batteries, like many electronics, deteriorate over time. In this case, batteries lose the ability to store the same amount of power as they did to start with. This is simply how they work. To fix the problem, use an external battery charger - or replace your battery.


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