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Buttons are unresponsive

If the buttons don't work and the device doesn't engage when the button is pressed then the mechanism may be broken.

Make sure to always check to see if the bowl and lid are properly locked on its base. This will bring power back to the processor once they are locked properly and it will allow the buttons to be used if they aren't damaged.

Locate the safety switch, see if you can tell if it’s being activated when you put the lid on. If not activated, the Cuisinart food processor will not turn on. There could be something in its way, preventing it from closing all the way. If so, remove the object and restart.

If you have a stuck blade, this will prevent all button functions. To resolve this, you will need a channel lock to un-stick it. Unplug your unit, first and foremost. With your locks, latch on to the part of the blade that fits over the shaft. Next, tightly pinch the channel lock onto the plastic part over the shaft while holding the food processor down. Lastly pull up on the blade to unblock the jammed blade.

The problem could be with the internal temperature or the power cord itself. This could be the case if you notice that the machine has been running slow or if it’s been jamming or locking up. You just may need to clear your ventilation system.

The metal blades broken or are not functioning properly.

Note: First, make sure that the device is unplugged from any electrical outlet so that it won't turn on. Also, be sure to take extreme care while handling the blades as they are sharp, especially if they are shattered in any way.

If the blades are not cutting well, check to make sure that the machine is operating at full power. If it is, then the blades are dull and need to sharpened. Sharpen your blades by wearing safety gloves and striking both sides of the blades with a whetstone repeatedly until it is sharp again.

If the entire blade is loose or comes off, simply reattach or tighten the rivets that keep the blade attached to the plastic casing. This can be done using a small rivet gun

While several Cuisinart brands have issued a recall due to some blades leaving metal bits in food, this model should not have this problem. However, if the blades are broken in several, the best and safest option is to ask for a replacement part from Cuisinart or buy it from the Cuisinart website or other online retailers, such as Amazon. It is beyond repair at this point and continued used of the broken blade could lead to fatal consequences.

Processor stopped working mid-task and will not start back up.

Check if the food is causing the blades to be immobilized. If so remove the large pieces that are causing the problem.

Check that the power cord is plugged into the wall or that it is not damaged in any way.

Unplug the device and open up the device to check the motor. Use our motor replacement guide to check if the motor is in proper condition or if it needs to be replaced.

Device could have a damaged power cord such that power doesn't go through to the device itself.

Be certain that the metal prongs on the device are all secure and intact. CAUTION: This step can lead to serious electrical injury or death. After the cord has been thoroughly examined make sure that all of the metallic prongs at the end of the power cord are intact and secure. If you notice any damaged areas upon the food processor, DO NOT operate the food processor. Operating the Cuisinart Mini-Prep DLC-2A with compromised parts could lead to further damage of the product or damage to persons operating the machine.

Examine power cord. Look for locations in the cord that may be frayed or unsecure. If you feel the cord and there appears to be any locations where the cord feels broken inside or is loosely attached to the food processor; it may mean that the current is broken. Another good way to visually identify a broken power current is if there are exposed wires or it appears that a pet has chewed on the cord.

It may be possible that the power source you are plugged into is compromised. In this case the issue may not be the power cord. To solve this possibility, find another outlet around the home to test the power source.

If the power cord is missing or cut off then it can be concluded that the power will not function properly. This would require a new power cord.


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