The stereo won't turn on ¶ 

Everything seems to be alright, but it still won't turn on.

Check the power cable ¶ 

It goes without saying that before you do anything, you should make sure the device is plugged in before you use it. If there is still a problem, inspect the power cord for any visible weaknesses. This may require you to open the back of the device to see if the power cord connections are intact. Click here for a guide on how to replace the power cable.

I can't hear anything coming from my device ¶ 

There is a distinct lack of noise from the speakers.

Line-in Switch ¶ 

Make sure that the volume knob is turned up. After that, listen closely to the speakers. If there is no sound coming through, check the line-in switch. If no device is currently connected the switch should be in the "off" position.

Speaker Problems ¶ 

There could be problems in the speakers themselves and they might need to be rewired or replaced completely.

Poor sound quality when playing records ¶ 

Something appears to be making a horrible sound.

Warped Records ¶ 

Indications of having a warped record:

  • record players needle skipping or jumping
  • minor warps can affect sound quality

If you think your record is warped the following link has some instructions on how to fix warping. Attempting to fix your warped record can end up causing further damage, so proceed with caution.

Scratched Records ¶ 

A simple visual look over the record will be able to tell you if your record is scratched. There are some ways that a fix is possible, be warned that the problem may become worse after attempting.

Dust or debris ¶ 

A clean record is necessary to good sound quality. If you let dust or debris to accumulate over a long period of time, your record could be damaged as well as your device. There are different ways that cleaning can be done, it is recommended you do your own research to understand what you need.

Old or damaged Needle ¶ 

If you suspect that the needle needs to be replaced, a manual repair is necessary.

Check out the repair guide for a how-to.

Failed Vibration Dampeners ¶ 

The silicone green circular things you can see when you take off the turntable are there to dampen the vibration that can occur as the turntable spins. You may need to tighten or replace these silicone dampeners. Click here for a guide on how to access the silicone vibration dampeners.

The top lid won't stay open ¶ 

The top lid will not lock in place even when it is fully open.

Bad hinge ¶ 

The top is supported by a metal hinge joint that may be functioning improperly. Click herefor a guide on replacing the top hinge.

I can't play CD's ¶ 

I put the CD in, but for some reason I can't play it.

Check CD orientation ¶ 

Make sure the CD is inserted correctly (label side up).

Check the function setting ¶ 

Check to see what the function on the device is set for. If it does happen to be set on the CD position. Eject the disk, check for scratches, and wipe it clean. Put the CD back inside and try again.

I can't play records ¶ 

The record won't play/spin.

Check the needle covering ¶ 

Check to see what the function on the device is set for. Make sure it is set for the "Phono" setting. Once confirmed, make sure the protective covering for the needle is removed.

Check the arm position ¶ 

Move the arm to the right until you hear a click.

Band Functionality ¶ 

The band inside the device may have stretched, snapped, or fell off. You will need to go inside the device in order to correct this. Click here for a guide on how to replace the turntable band.

Suspected Bad motor ¶ 

In the event that you presume that the motor in your device is bad, manual repair will be necessary. Make sure that the trouble does lie in the motor however, some of the ways that you can check:

1.) Everything on the device lines up with standard operation of playing records. (Switches are in their correct position, device is set for "phono", etc.)

2.) The band inside the device is operational.

3.) The device lags when it starts to spin the record.

4.) The turntable does not keep constant speed.

5.) The record sometimes spins faster than it should. There is a significance difference in sound.


I am getting a crackle sound in the volume control knob Like it is not making a clean connection inside. What do you think?

Rodney A Lynam - Reply

My turntable won't turn, makes noise like it's trying but nothing

Joann - Reply

The cd opening will not open or eject , the display says no cd installed I can here it cycle but the cd door does not open i.e. Cannot load or play CDs

dave - Reply

My CD player door in my multifunction Crosley will not open .Display says no disc but door will not open and therefore I can't insert cd. I can hear it cycle when I press Open/close model CR 248

dave - Reply

Hi Rodney I am experiencing the same problem with my system as well. The sound gets cut off and play again and cut off... especially when I am playing my vynil...

I am getting a crackle sound in the volume control knob Like it is not making a clean connection inside. What do you think?

Rodney A Lynam - June 26

Bongani - Reply

My turntable has a very poor sound quality when I try to play the music a bit louder. It's kinda like a scratching sound. what could it be?

carolina - Reply

My cd door will not eject

mccraw_dan - Reply

My CD function has started to skip on all the CD's -

311mom - Reply

I put in a CD, and it says 00 like nothing is in it. And I can't play the CD

Tom McSchwagger - Reply

CD player does not work. Did all as mentioned in trouble shooting section. CD work on other systems.

Richard Z. mazewski - Reply

The standby light is on but when I push it actually pair with a unit on the light goes off and nothing will play nothing happens

Vivian Lee Thorpe - Reply

I bought the CROSLEY REcord player from HSN enjoyed every moment when I either listened to my favorite CD/Record or Tape. Unfortunately for the last 8months or so, the whole system has stopped entertaining me. Can I send this to your Repair department for a physical check and see how you can fix this for me.

Your help and service is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


agnes joshiakar - Reply

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