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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Creative Zen V Plus Troubleshooting

Will Not Power On ¶ 

Your Creative Zen will not power on or respond and no display is shown

The Device Needs to be Reset ¶ 

Use a paperclip to press the pinhole located next to the power switch and watch for a response on the display of the Creative Zen.

The Battery is Completely Dead ¶ 

Plug the charger into the port and observe. A charging icon may appear. If the battery is completely dead then the icon may not appear. Check behind the play/pause button for a blue flashing led to indicate charging. It may take up to six hours. Wait for up to six hours and then try to power the device on. If this does not work reset by following the above instructions.

The Battery May be Bad ¶ 

The battery will no longer hold a charge due to age or other factors and therefore needs replaced. See the battery replacement guide in the repairs section.

Will Not Charge ¶ 

The charging icon does not appear on the display and the led behind the play/pause button does not flash.

The Charging Cord is Not Fully Plugged Into the Creative Zen ¶ 

Push the charging cord into the charging port (the micro USB slot) firmly but not too forcefully as you do not want to break the device. You should feel it snap into place.

The Charging Cord is Faulty ¶ 

Find or buy a new power cord either with an adapter wall outlet or with a PC USB

Trying to Charge a Fully Dead Battery With a PC USB ¶ 

Use a wall power adapter. Be sure to check behind the play/pause button for a blinking blue led to indicate charging.

The Battery is Bad ¶ 

The battery will no longer hold a charge due to age or other factors and therefore needs replaced. See the battery replacement guide in the repairs section.

No Audio ¶ 

You are having trouble hearing sounds from the device

Loose Headphone Jack ¶ 

If you see the screen working properly but no audio, check and make sure the audio jack is fully pushed into the ZEN Plus. Also, make sure the audio jack in plugged into the port that reads “aux”.

Volume button not on ¶ 

Check and make sure the volume button on the ZEN device is high enough to hear. Some head phones have a convenient volume on/off button near the headphones, if so make sure the button is not on so the headphones are not muted.

Microphone doesn’t record ¶ 

The microphone is plugged in but nothing gets recorded

Loose microphone jack ¶ 

The microphone jack may not be pushed in all the way. Also, be sure the microphone is plugged into the “line in” port of the device.

Microphone is plugged in but no recording ¶ 

The microphone being used might be defective, if another microphone is available, plug in and test a different microphone to see if the device is defective or the microphone.

Blank screen ¶ 

The screen is dark to where you can’t see anything

Power on but screen is dark ¶ 

The device might have a dead battery and needs recharging, make sure that the charger is plugged into the power source as well.

The joystick and/or buttons do not work ¶ 

The buttons to operate the device are not functioning

The device may be frozen ¶ 

The device maybe frozen and needs to be reset. Try placing a small paper clip in the pinhole on the side of the device.


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