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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

The speaker will not pair with a device.

Make sure the device you are attempting to pair with is functional, its Bluetooth settings are turned on, and that “BT-03” is selected on your device. If “BT-03” is not a selectable option, try moving closer to the Cineyo BT-03. Also, verify that another device is not already connected to the Cineyo BT-03, as only one device may be connected at a time.

The device does not charge when connected to a power source.

It is possible that your battery has degraded over time. This happens with all batteries, and it may be time to replace yours. If this is the case, follow the Battery Replacement Guide to replace the battery.

If there appears to be physical damage to the USB charging port on your device, the port itself may need to be repaired or replaced. For instruction on how to do this, please follow the Charging Port Replacement.

If the charging cord is broken or frayed, it may need to be replaced. Micro USB cables are available for purchase at many general goods and grocery stores as well as at any technical goods store.

Your device does not power up.

It is possible that your device is simply out of charge. Ensure that the charging cord is plugged in and that the purple indicator light is on. If no light shows or the device still does not charge, your charging cable is likely faulty. Consider purchasing a new cable from a nearby grocery store or technical supply store.

If your device will not turn on even when it is plugged in and charging, there may be a problem with the device’s battery. To replace your battery, please follow the Battery Replacement Guide.

Your speakers sound distorted.

Make sure the auxiliary cord is correctly plugged in and not loose, broken, or tangled. A malfunctioning auxiliary cord can affect the sound quality. Buying a new auxiliary cord should resolve the issue. If the problem persists, there may be a problem with the audio jack. To resolve this, follow the Audio Jack Replacement Guide.

Your device will not be able to pair with other devices if the distance between them is greater than 10 meters. The closer you get to the 10 meter line, the more distorted the audio will become. Move the devices closer together to improve the sound quality.

Dust and other contaminants may have accumulated inside your speakers; this could cause your device to malfunction. Properly cleaning the speakers should resolve the problem. Please refer to Speaker Replacement Guide steps ? - ? for instruction on how to do this.

If your speakers are too old or have been subject to overly loud music, the sound they produce is going to be distorted. In this case, the old speakers can be taken out and replaced using the Speaker Replacement Guide.

The buttons on your device will not respond, appear to be broken, or are missing.

When buttons cannot be pressed or are stuck in place, there may be something obstructing the button. To fix this, follow the Button Replacement Guide.

If buttons are missing or broken, you will have to replace them using the Button Replacement Guide.


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