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Casio Exilim EX-Z80 Troubleshooting

When the power button is pressed the camera will not show any sign of powering up.

If the battery is in the camera but the camera does not turn on, then the battery is probably not charged. Ensure that the battery is properly placed in the charging adapter and that the charging indicator light is on. Charge the battery for several hours and place it back into the camera.

A faulty battery can prevent your camera from turning on. If the battery does not charge or power on regardless of the time in the charging adaptor, the battery is faulty. Replace it with a new battery by using the Casio Exilim EX-Z80 Battery Replacement guide.

Camera shuts off while in use.

Make sure you are using your camera in the allotted time. Check your settings to see when the automatic shut off time is set for. If you wish to extend the time before your device shuts off, go to the camera settings and follow the prompted steps to extend desired time.

An old battery may not provide enough voltage under certain conditions. The battery can sometimes have less power than what is displayed on the screen. This can cause the unexpected power down of the camera. If issues continue despite camera settings, you may consider replacing the battery. You can do so by using the Casio Exilim EX-Z80 Battery Replacement guide.

The image is much darker/whiter than expected. The photos were taken under good light conditions, but showed much darker/whiter.

This is a setting that can be adjusted through the camera settings menu (MENU-QUALITY TAB-WHITE BALANCE or ISO). Go to the settings on your camera, and change the ‘White Balance’ or ‘ISO’ to the desired setting. If the photos appear to be too dark, you need to change your 'White Balance' or 'ISO' to a higher number and if the photos appear to be too white, you will need to choose a lower number.

The image appears to be out of focus. The images do not focus on the right person/thing. There are black dots showing up on the images.

The image quality of the camera can be adjusted through the camera settings menu. The menu offers the options of fine, normal, and economy . The fine setting allows for much more detail to be captured in your photo.

Some images may appear to have black dots on them, this is usually caused by dust one the lens. The dust may also cause the camera to auto-zoom to an unexpected position. To prevent this, gently wipe the lens with a lint free cloth. If the problem persists, the lens may need to be replaced, refer to the Casio Exilim EX-Z80 Lens Replacement guide.

The shutter lens does not stay open or closed when camera is in use or turned off. My camera screen reads 'lens error.'

A program error can occur when the battery is taken out while the camera is powered on. Simply place the battery back into the camera while it is off then restart the camera. This should allow the camera to reset and fix the problem.

Small rocks or dusts may get stuck between the lens and the camera causing it to remain open or closed. Using a clean cloth, thoroughly wipe the lens to take away any debris or dirt. If the problem persists try using a canned air duster to take out any remaining debris or dust. Please note: Do this gently to avoid further damage to the camera lens.

If the lens issues continue ad the lens results to be faulty, refer to the Casio Exilim EX-Z80 Lens Replacement Guide.

''My photos are not saving to my SD card.'

SD cards store all of your images after every take. Your images may not be saved if there is no SD card inserted into the camera. Your camera may display an 'insert SD card' message. Check the SD card slot and make sure there is an SD card. If an SD card is not in the camera, the camera will not know where to save the photos, therefore, the photos you take will continue to disappear.

If the SD card if full, it will not have enough storage to save new photos. Download the photos using the appropriate cable or adapter and save them to your computer. Delete photos from the SD card to free up storage space, then place it back in to the camera.


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