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Carrera Mario Copter Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help diagnose problems with the Carrera Mario Copter. Released 2016, Identified by model # 370503007.

The Quadrocopter will not respond or power on.

Connect the male and female ends of the battery cord and the socket on the underside of the Quadrocopter.

Plug one side of the USB charging cable into a computer and the other into the battery cord. Let the battery charge until the LED display on the USB charging cable lights up green. The battery is now fully charged. Disconnect the battery from the USB charging cable and reinsert it into the Quadrocopter.

If the battery is fully charged and the battery cord and socket are connected, please consider replacing the battery.

The remote will not respond or power on.

Ensure that the power switch has been pushed upward into the ON position and the control LED light on the top center of the remote glows red.

Attach the PH1 head to your screwdriver and unscrew the battery cover. Make sure that there are six AA batteries and that the positive and negative charge symbols on the batteries match the symbols on the remote.

If the power switch is on and the batteries are properly installed but the remote still won’t power on, please consider replacing the batteries.

You have trouble getting the propellers to spin.

Ensure that the device battery is charged, and the propellers are not broken. If the propellers are broken, consider replacing the propellers with new ones. If the propellers are in good shape or new and the device still does not fly, consider checking the gears. Make sure they are not stuck or broken.

If the device foam is broken, the device will be unbalanced when flying and might fall off.

If the break in the foam is small, consider taping it to cover the break and trim the device. This way the device will balanced properly when flying. Otherwise, consider replacing it.

Your Quadrocopter will not respond to the controller.

Check your controller to make sure it is on. If not, flip the switch to turn it on. This can be confirmed by a single beep when it turns on.

Check your device if the battery is plugged in. You may have to connect the battery to the device. If the battery is not charged you will have to do so. If the battery is damaged, you may need to replace the battery.

The controller and quadrocopter are frequency bound at purchase. If there are any problems try these steps: Turn the controller off and disconnect the battery from the device. Reconnect the battery and the LEDs on the device should now flash rhythmically. Turn the controller on. Push the left-hand joystick straight to the top, then straight down. This should successfully bind the controller and device and can be confirmed when you hear 2 beeps with the light being continuously on.

The rechargeable battery will not charge.

Please only use the USB charger provided by the manufacturer. It can be found in the product package. If the charger wire came with the copter doesn’t work, it might be defected or it has reached product life. Switch to the replacement USB wire charger.

Check to see if you plugged the charger wire to the correct USB port instead of the eSATA port. Test with multiple USB ports on your computer until there is a message “your device is ready to use” at the bottom right corner of your screen if you have Windows system. If you have Mac Os sytem, go to Finder then scroll to the Device section and locate the device name Carrera Mario Copter. The LED on the USB charger will turn light green indicating that the charging unit is correctly connected to the computer.

Wait for 60 minutes for device to charge. Once the battery finished charging the LED on USB will light up green again. Keep in mind, the LED will not light up during the process of charging.


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