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Canon ZR70MC Troubleshooting

This page will help you find solutions to problems regarding Canon ZR70MC.

Camera will not turn on ¶ 

You turn the camera on but nothing happens

Battery not inserted correctly ¶ 

"Remove the battery and re-insert the battery pack in the correct position."

Battery pack is drained ¶ 

"Plug in the camera charger. Make sure all the connection points between the wall and the camera are tight."

Battery pack is faulty ¶ 

"If the above troubleshoots do not work, the battery pack itself is faulty and needs replacement. Please refer to the battery replacement guide."

Camera will not record ¶ 

You press the record button but the camera does not start recording

Camera is not turned on ¶ 

"Press the silver power button on the side of the camera. It will be the only button located in the back right section of the camcorder. Press and hold for 2 seconds to turn on camera."

Camera is not in record mode ¶ 

"Use the scroll switch next to the power button to switch the camera into record mode."

Camera is out of tape/memory ¶ 

"Replace the storage device. This will either be the cassette tape or the SD card. To take out the cassette tape, slide the eject button on the bottom of the camcorder. To take our the SD card pull down the tab labeled SD memory, this will be on the side of the camera under the LCD screen."

Blurry or no vision in eye piece ¶ 

You look into the eyepiece and the image you see is either black or blurry/distorted.

Lens cover is still attatched ¶ 

"Remove the lens cover from the front of the camera."

Eye piece is out of focus ¶ 

"Adjust the slider located at the bottom of the eyepiece until the image in the viewfinder is crisp."

Screen will not turn on ¶ 

The LCD screen is blank and will not turn on.

LCD battery is dead ¶ 

"This battery is not rechargeable and you will need to replace the LCD battery. Please refer to the guide for further details"

Camera not in playback mode ¶ 

"Use the scroll knob next to the power button to switch the camera into "record/playback more"

No or distorted sound ¶ 

You play back a recording and there is no or distorted sound

Volume is turned down ¶ 

"Use the volume button to increase the volume until you can hear the sound"

===Internal microphone is damaged===

"You will need to replace the internal microphone. See guide for replacing internal microphone."

Memory device is damaged ¶ 

"Playback a different recording to see if the problem persists. If the sound is clear, the previous memory device may be damaged. If the problem is still there, the speaker might be faulty and need replacement"


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