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Canon PowerShot S410 Troubleshooting

Camera won't turn on

You camera will not turn on. You have already attempted to turn on the camera by pressing the power button and nothing happens.

Battery and Compact Flash Cover Open

Make sure your card slot and battery cover are closed and secured.

Bad/drained batteries

Bad or drained batteries can prevent your camera from turning on. Replace them if needed. Also check if the battery terminals are clean before inserting batteries.

Issues taking or saving pictures

You are unable to take pictures with your camera.

Compact Flash Card Is Full

If possible, download or save the images to your computer and then erase them from the compact flash card to make space.

Insert a new compact flash card.

Compact Flash Card Is Not Formatted

If the compact flash card is not formatted, the camera cannot save pictures to the card. Make sure you have nothing important that you want to save before you format the card. Instructions for formatting the card can be found on page 107 in the Canon PowerShot S410 User's Guide.

Black screen in picture taking mode

Make sure your camera is on. If it is, the problem may lie in the LCD screen. Read the Repairing LCD Screen on how to replace your LCD screen.

LCD screen problems

Your LCD does not display anything or seems to behave abnormally.

No Display

If your LCD screen displays nothing and you're certain the camera is on (by checking the power LED), you may need to replace the LCD. Consult the Repairing LCD Screen guide on how to replace the LCD screen.

LCD Screen Not Responding

If it seems the LCD is not responding, try powering off the camera and turn it back on.

Bad image quality

Photographs you take are blurry or out of focus.

Check photograph settings

Check the settings of your camera. Make sure focus lock is on and that the subject of the photo is not out of focal range.

Scratched lens

A scratched lens can cause bad image quality. Check the lens and see if you need to purchase a new one.

E18 error message

This is a common error with Canon PowerShot cameras. This error occurs when anything prevents the zoom lens from properly extending or retracting.

There are several methods you can try to solve this problem.

First method: Remove the battery from the camera and wait a few minutes. Place in a new battery and turn the camera on.

Second method: This is similar to the first method. Remove the battery and then remove the memory card. Insert in a new battery and then turn on the camera.

Third method: Hit the side of the camera (with the rubber USB cover) lightly on a hard surface to knock out any particles that may be jamming the lens. Hitting the camera too hard may damage it further.


When I take photos outside they are all overexposed.can this be rectified.?

Thank you.

keith_macd - Reply

I have a problem .When I use the camera out of doors all the pictures are over exposed.

Can this be rectified?

thank you.


keith_macd - Reply

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