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Canon PowerShot S110 Troubleshooting

Identified by item code 6351B001

The first thing that you should always check in the event that your camera does

not power on is the battery. It is good to always have a spare battery to test if the

current battery is the problem. If it is found that the battery is not good, then

simply replace the battery.

After looking to see if grit or dirt is impeding its function, you may have corrosion

and/or dust on the ribbon connectors and retaining clips. Remove the screws on

the left side, right side, and bottom of the camera. "A more detailed description

will be inputted in regards to camera break down steps." Clean off corrosion and

dust on the ribbon connectors and retaining clips. Put camera back together.

This camera operates by extending it's lens. If it doesn't deploy, you will get a lens error.

Considering the nature of how this camera operates, it can easily gather grit and

dirt in the lens. This will impede the deployment of the lens. This is the most

common reason for a lens error. Clean out the gears with a small brush or

keyboard compressed air duster.

The focusing motor controls how open the lens will be. If it is inoperable, it must be

replaced. See replacement guide. "link here for replacement guide"

The gears are small and light. If the camera is dropped or impacted while the lens is extended, the metal can bend and the lens will not contract easily. It only takes a

slight warp to the shape of any one of the gears to cause a lens error. If you cannot

find the warp or it is too damaged, then it must be replaced. See replacement guide.

"link here for replacement"

Sometimes the lens could be deployed while the lens is compressed and obstructed.

For example, deploying while in a pocket or in a camera case. It should correct itself

after cycling the camera off and on.

The camera rear facing LCD displays the images and option settings, if it is not displaying properly the LCD may be broken

Accidents happen. If you find that you have physically damaged the screen, it must

be replaced. See replacement guide. 'link to replacement guide'

If the screen remains black, then the battery might need to be changed. Reference the steps for a defective or dead battery mentioned earlier on this trouble shooting page.

If the camera is on and pictures are still able to be taken however, the screen itself may be the problem. Considering the price of LCD screen repair, replacement would be

much more economical. See repair guide. "link to replacement guide'

The rear rotational button menu is not functioning properly

According to this source, sometimes when the zoom button is not centered it causes some of the menu options to not function properly.

One Comment

Low battery warning when the batteries are fresh?

Have tried a set of spare batteries with the same result. The camera will shut off after the warning. The battery door appears to be locking / unlocking as it should. Methinks that the contact with the batteries is lost at some point, but if not by the battery door, then where?? I wonder if this is a known problem with the SX110.

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