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Canon PowerShot N Troubleshooting

The Canon PowerShot N is a 12.1MP Compact Digital Camera which yields a 2.8-inch articulating touch screen which offers photographic flexibility. Photos can be shot diagonally, horizontally, from low angles or high angles.

Battery/Charging Issues ¶ 

Power button is pressed and nothing happens ¶ 

• Make sure battery is charged

• Make sure battery is inserted correctly

• Make sure covers are fully closed

Battery is dying quickly ¶ 

• Battery performance decreases at low temperatures. Warm the battery up then insert back into the camera

• If temperature change of battery did not fix the problem then the battery life is over. Replace the battery

Lens not retracted

• Close the cover, turn the camera on and then turn it off again

Shooting ¶ 

Cannot shoot ¶ 

• Switch from Playback mode to shooting mode

Shots are blurry ¶ 

• May occur when touch shutter is used to shoot, depending on shooting condition. "Hold the camera still"

• Make sure object is within focus range

Shots are too dark ¶ 

• Set the flash mode on

• Adjust the brightness by using exposure compensation

• Reduce the lighting on subject

Errors Shooting Movies ¶ 

Time elapsed time shown is incorrect ¶ 

• Switch to a card that supports high speed recording

Playback Problems ¶ 

Playback is not working ¶ 

• Image may not be possible if a computer is used to rename files or alter the folder structure.

Sound not playing during the movie ¶ 

• Adjust the volume, or if the mute setting is on


Wifi symbol not being displayed ¶ 

• Wifi menu not available in shooting mode, switch to playback mode and try again

• Touch the screen to switch to simple information display

• The wifi symbol will not be displayed while the camera is connected to a printer or computer

Cannot send images ¶ 

• The destination device has insufficient storage space.

• The write protected tab of the memory card in the destination camera is set to the locked position.


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