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Canon PowerShot G1 X Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you asses and diagnose problems with the Canon PowerShot G1 X.

Camera will not respond to any attempt to power on.

Your battery may not be getting a sufficient charge from the charging cable. Check for ruptured wiring or a broken adapter tip.

If you have ensured the power adapter is capable of charging, but when attempting to use the charged battery the camera does no power on you may have a faulty battery. Try purchasing or using another battery that is compliant with your device.

The buttons on the cameras keypad next to the screen will not respond to touch.

If the buttons are not responding there may be dust or debris behind the keys keeping the button from reaching the sensor underneath the key. Try using some compressed air and to spray the keys to dislodge or remove the debris. If there is a sticky substance try using a Microfiber cleaning cloth with some lens cleaner.

If there are any keys missing it is recommended you replace them to reduce the amount of dust and debris that may enter the camera and affect other keys.

When powering on the camera the screen will not power on or is not bright enough to see.

Your LCD screen may be broken and should be replaced in order to view and edit photos.

The back-light for the viewing screen may be set too low for you to properly see in bright lighting. You may need to change the backlight settings so that your screen can be viewed. You can do this by navigating to the settings tab on your camera.

When taking pictures the flash will not go off.

Check to be sure that the flash is not set in the off position or that the camera mode you are using do not use a flash. Sometimes if the sensor on the camera detects a certain amount of light the flash will not go off depending on which mode you are in. There is also a micro sensor on the top of the camera that may need to be uncovered in order for the flash to work. This sensor is to the right of the pop up flash on the top of the camera above the lens.

If the light for you flash is blown or broken it may need to be replaced.

When zooming in the picture seems blurry or distorted in some way.

Your camera may be having trouble focusing if you are using manual settings for certain distances. Try switching to auto or another mode to see if the focus becomes clearer.


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