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Canon PowerShot A540 Troubleshooting

6 MP camera with 4x optical zoom.

The camera does not turn on or says to change the batteries.

Double check to see that you have the right batteries. You need two AA batteries.

Once you are sure you have the right batteries, check to make sure that both batteries are positioned correctly in the camera. Load the batteries in making sure the + goes with the + and the - goes with the -.

If both your batteries are working and positioned correctly, make sure the battery cover is closed properly and sealed completely. If it is not completely closed, the batteries will not make complete contact with the camera.

If you have replaced the AA batteries and the camera is still not working, then the internal battery may have died. You will need to replace it by following this guide.

A black screen with the text "Lens Error Message" appears when you turn your camera on.

Try restarting the camera to give the lens the extra push from the battery to fully open.

Try removing the memory card and then install the new batteries. If you turn the camera on with the card removed, it should come back to life reset. If it then says Error E30, place the memory card back in the camera and turn it on again.

Dropping the camera while the lens is fully extended could misalign the lens. Place the camera flat, facing towards the ceiling, and hold the power button and shutter button down at the same time. This should autofocus the camera and realign the lens.

If your lens is damaged/bent/crooked, you may have to repair or replace it.

The card error message pops up when you turn on your camera and you can't save your pictures.

If you are getting an error message but know that your SD card is functional, check that the card is compatible with your camera. A 2GB SD card should work with all cameras, but larger SD cards sometimes are not compatible with older cameras.

If you know your SD card is compatible, take it out of the camera, and make sure the switch on the side of the card is switched to the unlocked position, which should be the top position. If your SD card is locked, it is not able to be read inside the camera.

If it is a compatible SD card that is unlocked and still doesn't work, your SD card might be corrupted. Check by putting it into another device, and if it still can't be read, your SD card needs to be replaced.

If you know your SD card is 100% functional, your problem could stem from the SD card reader inside the camera. If the damage is that extensive, you will need to remove and replace the SD card reader by following this guide.

The camera will not flash at all.

Check to make sure you have the flash setting turned on. Click on the flash button and make sure you see that it is turned on.

If the flash setting is turned on and it still doesn't work, then the flash motherboard may need to be replaced.

Take apart your camera and remove the flash motherboard correctly so you can replace it.

The keys used to control the camera's functions are not working correctly.

Some sort of liquid or dirt may have gotten stuck in the function keys. To fix the keys, clean them properly.

If the keys are clean but still are not responding, the unit that recognizes the function keys' commands may be damaged. You may have to replace the function key motherboard.

Your LCD Screen is not working at all and won't show any picture.

If you drop or hit your LCD screen and it is cracked, it may be broken. If there is nothing you can do to get a picture to show up, you will need to order a new screen and replace it.


The date and time comes up every time I turn my camera on, why? Has anyone had this happen? I changed the batteries and it did not help.

lisafau - Reply

I have the same problem. Won’t let me set the date or time.

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