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Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi Troubleshooting

The camera does not turn on after pressing the on button.

If the battery is inserted and has been charged for the recommended amount of time and the camera does not power on, it is possible that you have a faulty battery or charger. If you replace the battery and the camera still does not power on, the problem may be the charger. If the camera does power on then the problem was the battery and your problem should be resolved. For instructions on how to replace the battery refer to the Battery Guide

You can not locate your pictures on your SD card after they have been taken.

If the camera is not saving pictures to the inserted memory card slot, the first thing to take a look at is the availability of space on the memory card. If there is enough space on the card, and the XTi still cannot save pictures, then the problem is most likely not with the memory card. For instructions on how to replace the memory card refer to the Memory Card Guide

Another simple thing to check when having issues saving pictures is to take a look at the memory card slot. If there is any build up of dust and dirt, it is possible that it is interfering with the camera’s ability to read the memory card. To clear the slot, use compressed air out of a can similar to what is used to clean computer keyboards to blow out the debris.

If the aforementioned quick fixes don’t work, then the underlying problem is likely to be with the memory card reader. Troubleshooting is not something that is going to work for this because the only option is to replace the memory reader.

When attempting to mount the camera on a tripod it will not completely thread leaving the camera free to move.

If the camera does not mount properly onto a tripod, it is possible that the threads are stripped on the tripod mount because of over tightening or long term use. To replace the mount, follow the steps found in the Tripod Mount Guide

When you try to take pictures, the snapshot button will not depress or release into its normal position.

It is possible that the snapshot/shutter button was pushed too firmly and was pushed into a position in which it was unable to release into its natural position. If this is the problem, the solution may simply be to re-position the button by partially taking the device apart.

After long-term use, it is possible that the rubber/plastic mechanism found underneath the button itself is worn to the point where the button does not properly push or release. If this seem to be the problem, it is possible that the entire button fixture needs be replaced. For instructions on how to remove the snapshot fixture, refer to the Snapshot Button Guide

when trying to take a picture with the flash, the flash light will only open by manually lifting the module.

In the case that the flash module won’t release to allow the flash module to pop up, apply a gentle force to pry it open and inspect the flash latch to see if it is bent or broken. If this is the case then these parts will need to be replaced, if it is not, then the issues lies somewhere else with the module. For instructions on how to replace the flash module, refer to the Flash Module Guide

when you trying to change settings or modes on the camera. the dial will not stay in place making it difficult to preform desired task.

The first step to troubleshoot this problem is to press the dial downwards to force it into an indexed position. If the problem persists, disassemble the module and replace the selector dial.

The soft touch grip is ripped, which makes the camera difficult and uncomfortable to hold.

After the camera has been used for a long period of time in different environments it is possible that the rubber soft touch grip has become weak and prone to rips and tears. The only way to fix this problem would be to simply replace the grip. Replacing the grip will allow you to regain proper functionality of the camera. For instructions on how to replace the grip refer to the Soft Touch Grip Guide

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Camera always says busy after taking a picture and we have to wait. Any suggestions to make it take pictures quicker?

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