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Camera will not turn on under any circumstances.

Something as simple as an absent battery may be a culprit causing your camera to not power on. To fix, simply insert the battery into your device by sliding the battery cover open and placing the battery withing the chamber. Make sure batteries are in full contact with appropriate ends in full contact with metal portions.

The camera’s battery has seen better days, it could have simply burned out or used up all of its juice and it’s time for a replacement. To replace your device’s battery follow this guide we have provided.

The issue may have to deal with the power button itself and not the battery. To resolve this issue simply take apart the camera and with a clean cloth, clean out the power button area.

Your device may not turn on because the battery compartment cover is not fully closed. This may be due to excess debris or batteries were misplaced. Inside the compartment may also be a switch which will allow for the camera to disable the ability to power on and off. Make sure the switch is on to allow the camera to power on.

Your device may actually be on however, there is a screen issue leaving you to believe that it is not on. To know if there is a screen issue, you may realize the camera giving off some sort of heat from the battery. If no image is displayed, there may be a screen issue.

Camera is on, but screen will not display any image.

A LCD is what makes any visual screen function. Once the LCD is broken, there is no other solution beside a replacement.

There may be loose connections within the camera between the LCD and the motherboard. To solve this, take apart camera and remove all LCD connections to the motherboard. Clean all connective ports as well as the motherboard and LCD using a clean tech cloth.

Your device may need total screen replacement in the event of a major accident which can be caused by impact from a fall, water damage, sunlight damage, etc.

Camera gets extremely hot when in use.

With extensive use it is expected that too much work on the camera will cause for it to overheat. To resolve this issue, simply turn off the device and set it to rest in a cool shaded area for a set amount of time before next use. Do not use in excessive amounts.

Using the camera in extreme heat may cause the device to overheat. The extreme heat causes the internal temperature of the device to rise quickly causing it to overheat. It is highly recommended to use lightly when in extreme environmental conditions. Also when not in use store device in a cool shaded area.

Images are always blurry; camera will not focus.

When there is too much light in the background of a photo it is difficult for the camera to focus on the subject of interest. To resolve this issue, adjust the settings on the camera, turn off flash, or take photo in a darker area.

Your camera may not be able to focus on your image of interest because there is not enough light or contrast in the picture. To resolve this, you may need to adjust your camera settings or move to a different position for the picture.

When water is in the lens it disrupts the intended function of the lens which is to focus and display the image being pictured. To resolve this issue, it is best to replace the lens completely.

Pictures will not save after being taken.

Your pictures will not save once the memory capacity has been filled on the SD card. To resolve this issue, you will need to purchase another SD card and replace the existing SD card in the slot that is located on the bottom of the camera.

Your pictures are not being saved because your SD card is faulty. Some SD cards may be defected and need to be replaced. A new SD card will need to replace the existing SD card in the bottom latch of the camera.

Your pictures are not being saved due to the absence of an SD card. An SD card is what stores all of your cameras memory and photos. Once one is obtainable, place into the compartment .

Your camera may have the incorrect memory card inside the compartment. It may require a different memory card such as an SD card, SDHC card, etc. Read the camera's manual to see which memory card(s) are compatible with your camera.


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