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Business Model

Your business model is a concise overview of a your business' marketing, staff, execution, and cash flow plans.

Use this document to sketch your business model.

We'd explain each component in detail, but found a video that does it brilliantly:

Cash Flow Projection

Your business model is the skeleton of your business. Put some flesh on those bones with a cash flow projection.

We've built a cash flow projection template that makes this process easy. Simply enter your information into the color coded spaces and the template does the rest for you. We've included some sample information and notes to help you better understand how the template is supposed to work.

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This is a great post. So many cell repair shops that are new fail to take a look at this type of stuff. I prepared a business plan and a detailed cash flow / break even analysis for my business long before I started. I actually spent 7 months finishing college and writing my business plan. It is very important to study the industry very closely and make sure you try and have a plan for or at least have thought about the type of problems you may face while starting. I have built quite a few spreadsheets in my day and proudly call myself an excel wizard! Building the daily break even number seems to be the most important cash flow analysis one can do when just starting out.

Kyle - Reply

So glad you think the wiki is good. I spent a silly amount of time building that Cash Flow Projection.. So, as an excel expert, let me know if you have suggestions for how to make it better. Feel free to email me at pro at ifixit dot com.

Jeff Snyder -

I can't seem to download it. I have google drive, but every time I click the link it takes me to the Google drive download page...

Kyle Wilder - Reply

Same issue here.

Andrew Callander -

I cannot download the cash flow projection template either. Please put up a fresh link. Thank you


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