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Brightsign 4k Troubleshooting

The Brightsign 4k242 is a networked based interactive player that offers dual decoding for 4k and HD video/audio quality.

Internet not connecting ¶ 

BrightSign 4K does not connect to internet.

Loose ethernet cable ¶ 

The BrightSign player cannot connect to the internet if the cable is loose. Try to unplug the Ethernet cable from the BrightSign player and the modem/router. Wait 5 seconds then plug it back in. You should also try to connect with another Ethernet cable if the current one still doesn't work.

Ethernet port is broken ¶ 

The Ethernet port on the BrightSign 4K might be broken. Unplug the Ethernet cable from the BrightSign 4K and try it on another device that also uses internet. If the internet does work on that device then it is the problem with the Ethernet port of the BrightSign 4K and it needs to be replaced.

Modem and/or router fails to provide internet ¶ 

If you still cannot connect to internet, your modem/router may be broken. First turn off the BrightSign 4K and the modem/router. After 30 seconds, turn the modem/router back on. Wait until all the lights of the modem/router are on then turn on your BrightSign 4K. The Wi-Fi LED light on the BrightSign 4K should be flashing when it is connecting to Wi-Fi. If you connect via an Ethernet cable, then the Ethernet (Eth) LED light should be flashing. The Wi-Fi (or Eth) LED light should be stable when the BrightSign player is connected to the internet. This guide will show you how to locate and read each LED light on the BrightSign 4K. If you still cannot connect, there may be problems with your service provider.

Problems with device storage ¶ 

Old cached MRSS not being deleted.

Device fails to read SD card ¶ 

If the device comes back with no memory card inserted take the card out, and reinsert it. Double check to make sure the memory card is in the right formatting on the software by going to step 2. If this does not work follow this memory card port issue.

Memory card not storing new files ¶ 

When receiving the device this software should be on your PC.

If your Brightsign 4k Media Player is not playing content, check to make sure your memory card is not full. If the 8GB memory card is full, pull it out. Delete all the files in the cached history, reinsert the memory card, and reboot the media player system. If this does not work, go to Exchaning Memory Card below.

Damaged SD card ¶ 

Properly remove and replace an SD memory card.

First locate the BrightSign player and power connection. After disconnecting the power, remove the memory card located on the side by simply pressing to eject. Insert your new 8GB memory card and restart the system.

[Link will be provided]

Device overheating ¶ 

The device is hot, and will not turn on or run.

Dusty Air Vents ¶ 

If you look at the vents, and see that there is dust then you might need to just wipe down the sides with a duster. If you see smoke coming from the vents, or dusting off the device did not help look at "Heat sink".

Internal components overheating ¶ 

When seeing smoke coming from the vents a look at the inside will help out.

Problems with video quality ¶ 

The quality of your playback is lower than expected quality.

Test device image ¶ 

Please visit the website BrightSign and click "Sample Video Content" to download the sample video content from BrightSign website and compare it to your device to determine the actual problems.

Poor video quality ¶ 

Please follow the instructions on the website Optimizing Video Quality page for possible problems. This website provides necessary steps for getting the best quality on your BrightSign device.

Problem with the file or a bad encode ¶ 

Try re-encoding the video or using a different application to encode the video.

Problems with audio quality ¶ 

You have trouble listening to the sound from the BrightSign player.

Problem with the file or bad encode ¶ 

Try re-encoding the audio or video, or using a different application to encode the video.

Problem with flash card speed ¶ 

If the BrightSign is using high bitrate video (20Mbps or more), it is possible the flash card is not fast enough to keep up. Try encoding at a lower bitrate.

Audio drops out, hiccups or distortion ¶ 

For MPEG-2 files, open your video using the Mpeg2VCR utility, and save it. Some videos have uneven distribution of audio and video packets in the MPEG stream. Users can download a 30-day trial of Mpeg2VCR from "Womble."


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