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Braven BRV-1s Troubleshooting

Braven BRV-1s won’t turn on ¶ 

Your Braven BRV-1s refuses to power up.

Braven BRV-1s is not on ¶ 

You may not be holding down the power button to your Braven BRV-1s for a long enough period. To turn your Braven BRV-1s on you must hold down the power button for 2-3 seconds. If not held down for this amount of time it will not turn on.

Uncharged battery ¶ 

Make sure your Braven BRV-1s has not ran out of power. Charge your device using the provided USB-to-micro-USB cable provided if so. If it is your first time charging your Braven BRV-1s make sure you charge it until all the battery capacity lights are solid (around 2-3 hours).

Faulty Battery ¶ 

If your Braven BRV-1s still will not charge the problem may be with the battery. If this is the case you will need to replace the battery.

Braven BRV-1s will not charge ¶ 

Your Braven BRV-1s will not charge when plugged in.

Improper first time charge ¶ 

If this is the first time you are using your Braven BRV-1s charge the device until all the battery capacity lights are solid. This usually takes 2 – 3 hours. If not charged fully for the first time problems may ensue.

USB cable unable to charge ¶ 

The Braven BRV-1s charges through a USB-to-micro-USB cable. Make sure the included USB-to-micro-USB cable functions. If it is a faulty cable you will need to replace it.

Braven BRV-1s not recognizing plugged in external devices ¶ 

Your Bluetooth devices turns on, but when you plug in an auxiliary device, the speaker does not charge or play your device.

Auxiliary/ USB cord not recognizing external devices ¶ 

It is unlikely your device is bad, but to ensure the problem is not with your device try using a different auxiliary cord or USB charging cable

3.5mm Audio-in Jack defective ¶ 

In the case that your device is not Bluetooth capable and the audio is not playing through the auxiliary port, and the Auxiliary cord is not the issue, then the likely cause of the problem may be a bad auxiliary jack and may very well need to be replaced.

USB Port not responding ¶ 

In the case your device is not charging when plugged in to your USB charging port, and the USB cord is not the problem, then likely the problem may be a bad USB port and will need to be replaced.

Braven BRV-1s reset button not resetting the device ¶ 

Speaker is not pairing with any known devices or is indicating it is paired with a device but no audio is coming from the speaker.

Unable to find the reset button ¶ 

To reset your device press and hold the reset button located under the back cap of the device. Warning: resetting the device will wipe the memory and all paired devices will be forgotten.

Reset Button does not work ¶ 

If after resetting your Braven BRV-1s and repairing the Bluetooth capable device the same problem persists then the Braven speaker may have a hardware issue and the motherboard may need to be replaced.

Braven BRV-1s won't connect via Bluetooth ¶ 

Your Braven BRV-1s cannot connect to a Bluetooth device.

Bluetooth on your Braven BRV-1s is not turned on ¶ 

The Braven BRV-1s does not come with a designated Bluetooth button. Once your Braven BRV-1s is turned on you will need to hold the play button until it becomes synced with the device you wish to connect to

Device you wish to connect to is not Bluetooth compatible ¶ 

Not all wireless devices use Bluetooth. Confirm with the devices manual that it is Bluetooth compatible.

Device not connected to Braven BRV-1s ¶ 

The device you are trying to connect to may not have the Bluetooth connection turn on. Using your device’s settings, connect to the Braven BRV-1s. If your device asks for a password enter “0000”.

Devices are outside proximity ¶ 

Devices that are outside of a specified range may experience disconnections and interruptions. The Braven BRV-1s has a 33 feet (10 meter) wireless range. If your Braven BRV-1s and the device you wish to connect to are further apart than these specifications it could cause a disruption.

Outdated/bad drivers ¶ 

Bluetooth devices will need to be kept updated with device drivers. If the Bluetooth refuses to work you may need to update the Bluetooth drivers on the device you are trying to connect to. Do an online search for Braven BRV-1s drivers for the device you wish to connect with to find the needed drivers.


My braven will charge but will not turn on.

Angelo - Reply

My Braven BRV-1 will chaeg but won't turn on. Any solutions?

tinysman2005 - Reply

Same here. Power switch will not turn on device. I did hit reset button amd it turned on - but power switch is not working. Braven Customer Service is not responding to me either.

Dave - Reply

My braven is plugged in and the lights are going back and forth. Whats up?

mrssimon43005 - Reply

obviously we all got lemons. My lemon was 300.00 and can't get through to Braven! hahahah


How to replacement the battery of BRAVEN 705?

Vanildo Fernandes - Reply

Won't charge makes high frequency pitch randomly even when off on charging attempt both far lights come on or all lights but doesn't charge

Patrick thurston - Reply

We are in same situation did u find a solution?

qatyzitah_x0 -

Mine will not charge, show any lights, or turn on, please help!

thera24 - Reply

Mine will not charge, show any lights, or turn on, please help!

Jaime - Reply

I have the same problem, did you know how to fix it ?

Esraa mostaga -

Hi. My Braven Balance powers on and connects to my phone, but the usual audio notifications don't come on. And when I play anything on my phone, no sound comes out. Tried to connect directly via 3.5mm jack, no sound either. Reset button doesn't do anything. What should I do?

Jerome - Reply

Did you get anywhere with your speaker ? I have the same problem.

Jason S Derr -

My two Braven 705 both will not turn on but lights are on indicating battery is charged. Can't find any site to replace batteries if at all possible. 12/6/16

Clare Gilligan - Reply

I had charging issues. I pressed and help the reset and power botton for 20 plus second. Plugged it in. Now showing power charging. But I also pressed and held the power button for 30 seconds before the reset and power. Not sure what really worked. But give it a try.

cneff99 - Reply

My Braven is charged and will not hold a charge. Any ideas??


I don't think I have maximum volume

Ray Milller - Reply

What is maximum volume?

Ray Milller - Reply

my braven brv-pro just stopped in the middle of the song. i restarted both the speaker and my iphone 6p and now the bluetooth refuses to connect. it's a brick and at $150, i'm ticked. i've googled for drivers, and couldn't find any. couldn't even find this model on their site anymore. i'm running the latest ios 10.3.2.

Jennifer - Reply

how do u open the speaker

Luis Javier marroquin - Reply

my Braven 805's won't both pair together. Either one connects but not both

Allen Edwards - Reply

I have iPhone SE, Bluetooth works, but not the Braven speaker

raymondt28 - Reply

I bught it Aug5 and it worked fine, but with out any apperent reason it started kicking me out. Any one has had that problem?

hgerman36 - Reply

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