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Bose Wave Radio AWR1-1W Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose common issues with the Bose Wave Radio AWR1-1W.

You have turned the volume to its max and you still can’t hear anything.

Unplug any cords that are plugged into the variable out. There cannot be any cords plugged into the variable out component in order for sound to play.

Double check that the power cord is connected to both the Bose Wave Radio and a wall outlet. If not plugged in at both ends, plug in the cord to the back of the speaker and the outlet.

Make sure that the Bose Wave Radio is set to the input that you want to use. To use the AUX input, press the AUX button. To use the radio, press the AM/FM button, and press the button again to switch between AM and FM.

If no other troubleshooting corrected the audio problem, the speakers are most likely broken. You can order replacement speakers separately.

You cannot read the display because it is too dim.

You can brighten the display by holding down the CLOCK SET button and pressing the ‘volume up’ button. Otherwise, the display depends on how much light is in the room, so it automatically adjusts depending on the brightness in the surrounding area.

You hear static or poor sound quality when listening to the FM radio.

Press the tuning buttons until the radio is set to a station with clear sound.

The antenna is built into the power cord, so it will work best if the cord is stretched out as far as possible between the outlet and wall.

You cannot make the alarm stop making noise.

Press the ON/OFF button.

You cannot turn off the daily alarm.

Press ALARM MODE or ALARM until the display shows no Alarm 1 mode indicators.

On the control panel, hold down ALARM SET and press ALARM MODE until the ALARM 2 indicator flashes. Release ALARM SET. On the remote, press TIME, then press ALARM . The ALARM 2 indicator flashes. Press TIME again. With ALARM 2 flashing, press ALARM MODE or ALARM until the display shows no Alarm 2 mode indicators.

You cannot set the clock to the correct time.

Hold down the CLOCK SET button and press TUNING up or down. Release the TUNING button to stop.


bose AWRC1 remote old and new does not work with new bateries

cd will work when i unplug unit

clock works

thx E


both remotes do not turn unit on


I can play one cd with sound. The radio has no sound. Also, I can't get the attached 5 disc cd to play.

Signed , frustrated in NC

Jeanie1960 - Reply

My Bose radio plays fine for @ 15 min then popping and static noises and after @20 min of static no sound. I turn it off and on again with remote and it plays fine and the cycle starts again. ever hear of this ?

Robert Janky - Reply

My system will not come on with the remote. I have replaced the remote battery. There is no manual power button!


Maelyn D Smith - Reply

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