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Bose SoundTouch Portable Troubleshooting

Released in 2013. Model #412540.

Close the SoundTouch controller app, disconnect all cables, and restart the SoundTouch and app.

Verify the SoundTouch controller app is downloaded on your computer or mobile device. Go to to download the computer app. For your mobile device, you may download the app from that device's app store.

Ensure the SoundTouch is connected to the same WiFi network as your computer or mobile device. Verify the WiFi path is clear by stopping other audio or video streaming apps.

Restart all devices and applications. Press and hold the AUX button for 15 seconds to do a system restart.

Ensure the SoundTouch is connected to the same WiFi network as your computer or mobile device.

Move the system away from other devices (microwaves, wireless devices. etc.) that may interfere with the signal.

Connect the SoundTouch and AirPlay device to the same WiFi network, then select the SoundTouch in the system’s AirPlay menu.

Verify that AirPlay is on; turn up the volume on the SoundTouch to check.

Move AirPlay device away from possible interference (such as microwaves, cordless phones, and other wireless devices) and closer to the wireless router or access point. (Proximity of the AirPlay device to the SoundTouch is not important, but, the proximity of the Airplay device and the wireless router or access point is.)

If the previous steps do not work, restart your mobile device, or computer, and router.

Check to see if the battery is in Protection Mode; if it is, then turn off Protection Mode.

Check to see if the batter is not charged. If it is not, connect the SoundTouch to a power source to charge the battery (audio cannot play unless the battery is charged to at least 10 percent).

If the system still does not power on, contact Bose customer support.

Move the SoundTouch to a place with a cooler or warmer temperature and wait for the battery to cool down or warm up.

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hi, i ve just updated my bose soundtouch portable on my mobile apps, but after that its doesnot play now?and its not loading aswell. there is a rectangle bar on the screen but doesnt loading/?any heplwill be appreciated,



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