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Speaker will not turn on when connected to power ¶ 

My speaker is plugged into the wall, but will not turn on.

Improper connection to the socket ¶ 

Make sure your speaker is plugged into a working AC socket.

Check the connections between the speaker and the power adaptor to ensure it is properly connected.

If using a surge protector, check to verify that it is working properly.

Bad power adapter / charger ¶ 

If the speaker still will not turn on, there may be a faulty power adaptor. As a result, you may need to buy a new one.

Make sure you are using the power adaptor supplied with your speaker upon purchase, as other power adaptors may not be compatible.

Speaker will not turn on when using battery ¶ 

The battery is charged, but my speaker still will not turn on.

Speaker settings are affected ¶ 

If your speaker is not charged or used within a 14 day period it will enter protection mode. In order to correct this setting, you must plug the speaker back into an AC outlet.

Bad battery / bad charge ¶ 

If the battery is bad, you may have to replace it. Click on this link to see how to replace the battery: Bose SoundLink Mini Battery Replacement.

Another underlying problem can be the charge. Make sure the battery has sufficient charge by plugging it back into the AC outlet.

Speaker indicates a connection, but no music is playing ¶ 

The Bluetooth indicator displays a connection, but my music doesn't play when I begin a song.

Issues with the device connection / audio playback ¶ 

Although, the SoundLink Mini indicates a connection with your device, the device might still be unpaired. Check your device's Bluetooth settings to make sure that it is paired to the SoundLink Mini.

Devices have transport controls that allow for playback of audio, if these controls are not set to playback audio, sound will not transmit to the SoundLink Mini.

If you have other devices that are currently using Bluetooth, turn those off along with the speaker and the device you are trying to pair. Once everything is turned off, turn on only the speaker and device to begin to pair them.

Issues with the speaker settings ¶ 

A possible problem could also be that the SoundLink Mini's volume is set too low, or even on mute. Correctly adjust the volume to verify that this may or may not be the problem.

If the volume on the speakers are set to an audible level, verify that your device's volume is also correct.

No audio from Bluetooth device ¶ 

My speaker isn't playing any music from my device.

Verify that the SoundLink Mini is not muted and that the volume is turned to a desired level. You can also verify that the SoundLink Mini indicates a connection with the desired device.

The device you are using also displays a connection, make sure that the device you are using for the SoundLink Mini is connected using Bluetooth, and is playing music at an adequate hearing level.

Another problem may be that your device is out of range of the Bluetooth signal, move it in range of the SoundLink Mini to ensure that it works.

As a last result, turn the SoundLink Mini off and then back on again.

Interference of outside devices ¶ 

Sometimes other devices generate electromagnetic interference that can interrupt the Bluetooth signal. Move these devices away from the SoundLink Mini and your device to ensure it is able to connect. Outside devices may include, but are not limited to: microwave ovens, cordless phones, network routers, and other Bluetooth devices.

If there are other outside devices that use the Bluetooth capabilities, turn them off or disable the feature.

Cannot pair speaker with a Bluetooth device ¶ 

I can't pair my Bluetooth device with this speaker.

Unable to connect to a device ¶ 

Make sure that you are running the latest software on your SoundLink Mini speaker. Visit the support center at and search for the newest update. If the software is already up to date you might need to perform a product reset. This can be accomplished in a few easy steps:

On the speaker, press and hold mute for 10 seconds, the LEDs will flash for a few seconds.

Next press the Power button to turn the SoundLink Mini speaker back on.

Device is having issues with connection ¶ 

Many Bluetooth enabled devices have an option where the Bluetooth feature can be turned on or off. It may be set to off to save the battery life of the device. Be sure this option is set to on. If the speaker is paired to the Bluetooth enabled device, it should automatically reconnect when its Bluetooth function is turned on. If the Bose product doesn't automatically reconnect, manually select the Bose product within the Bluetooth list on the device.

Some devices will pair to a device but not automatically connect. Go to the pairing list of the device and check. If it is, try connecting to the SoundLink Mini speaker.

Too many devices on the pairing list ¶ 

If that doesn't help then you might have to clear your pairing list with these easy steps:

On the speaker, press and hold the Bluetooth button for about 10 seconds until you hear a noise. The speaker will clear all Bluetooth devices from its memory and will be able to be discovered.

Clear the list on your Bluetooth device. For more information you will have to refer to the manufacturer for support of your device.

If those don't help then try pairing the device again by following these steps:

With the Bluetooth device and the speaker both turned on, press and hold the Bluetooth button on the speaker for three seconds to make the speaker be discovered. The Bluetooth indicator will slowly turn on and off to show the speaker is able to be discovered.

On your device, locate the Bluetooth device list and select "Bose SoundLink" from the list.

If your device asks for a code, enter digits 0000 and press OK. Some devices also ask you to accept the connection. Your Bluetooth device will indicate when pairing is complete. The SoundLink Mini speaker will let you know when pairing is complete when the Bluetooth indicator stops turning on and off and remains on.

Distance between the device and speaker ¶ 

The system is designed to operate at a range of 30 feet. The performance can be decreased by obstacles such as walls or metal and may also be affected by other Bluetooth devices. Try moving the SoundLink Mini speaker closer to your Bluetooth device.


This is the most frustrating device I have ever purchased. It, yet again, is not working. I will never by a Bose product, ever again.

dermotwickham - Reply

Your mad! Everybody else has had great results. I’ll buy another when this one dies, but I don’t think it will!

Peter Evans -

My device is on but only white light burn.No sound.

Theunis Roux - Reply

I am having same problem.Had you fixed the problem?

Sandip Lade -

i got 3 lights on (mute bluetooth aux) can not turn on or turn off either.

holding down mute button make them flashing after 10 sec

krzysztof marfjak -

Same problem here, I have 3 lights on mute Bluetooth and aux, how fix this thanks in advance

Jeremy Faulve -

I agree that this is the most frustrating device ever. And Bose is slow to help.

Maybe look elsewhere before you buy Bose.

kaya5 - Reply

Agree. Bose is simply not helpful. Not everything can be fixed with a reset and that is all they recommend. Plenty of other bluetooth speakers out there.

grapevinesurg1 -

Soundlink Mini is frustrating for sure. Bose is slow to help. Probably buy your portable bluetooth elsewhere!

kaya5 - Reply

Im changing the volume of a song on my phone and it doesnt change the volume of the speaker i have to press the buttons any help?????

ryan - Reply

Try resetting the device by holding the Power Button for 10 seconds. It worked for me with this issue. You'll have to pair your devices afterwards again.

quickadvice -

Has worked fine for months now nothing I have can pair with it! Have no idea how to correct it

smoore6480 - Reply

I have a problem with my Bose Mini that I haven't seen addressed yet. When I turn the volume up on my Bose Mini the speakers start to "crackle" and then they just shut off the speaker. I have to plug the power cord into the speaker to get it working again. Did I blow the speakers? Any thoughts? Thanks!

Brian Miller - Reply

I have the same problem as you. It works well, has very clean sound. But 3 second after i play a song, it starts a noise and sounds suddenly gone. BUT, when I plug the charger, it keeps doing the same thing.

Nugraha Wicaksana -

When the Mac System Preferences Bluetooth menu window indicates that the Soundlink IS Connected, but you hear no sound, go to the Bluetooth icon at the very top of the screen and connect it THERE!! Why, I don't know, but it solved my problem. I love my Bose Soundlink, and don't understand other posts that hate them.

john henker - Reply

My speaker just shuts off randomly for no reason. The battery is dooing fine.

michaelyoung3060 - Reply

did you fixed this ?

Peng Huang -

It has an auto shut off after 30 minutes of inactivity, I think you can fix the problem by holding down the AUX and the volume up button at the same time, it will give you options to change it.

ravenbyrd6 -

Seriously guys. I got the same problem. It sounds a bit crazy but just kick it slightly. It will be back to normal.

miladelcarlo528 - Reply

Ur right !!! Thanks a lot!!

Mark Roseller Lim -

Within 3 feet of my PC my Bose Mini will torture me to connect. Then after reload several times, it works BUT has a maddening "blip" interrupt in the music every 30 or 40 seconds. Read this is a common problems and BOSE is slow to response. (Still waiting on an answer from Bose support after 10 days and three emails ....)What an incredible waste of money... So disappointed.

John Guzzino - Reply

My bose speaker is not working when I try and play music on it I just get a really annoying noise instead of the music can anyone help?

Eadaoin McAteer - Reply

My Bose speaker battery light will not turn on when I charge it, when I unplug it you can hear the sound but I don't know how to fix it

Puka - Reply

My battery light comes on for a second and then goes off had it for months and then suddenly it won't charge very frustrated usually I have had no issues with Bose.

Mark Gallagher -

Frustrated it was working for months and now suddenly it won't take a charge the charge lite comes on for a second and then goes out. The amount of money I paid for this it should work longer than a few months not a happy customer.

Mark Gallagher -

only first light is blink on my speaker jst

no other key is working

mute button on off button not working

jst first light blinking continously

fahad - Reply

My device turn off while playing music I need help

Adom - Reply

My bose spundlink mini turns off whiles playing a music three indicated on mute Aux and Bluetooth then it goes off

Adom - Reply

I have the same problem as you. There's no problem with bluetooth connection or the quality of the sound. But, the song I play only lasts for 3 seconds. And then suddenly it's gone. And when I type a word (I replied a message) the type sound comes out. Did you fix it? I really need help, because Bose products are not cheap. Thanks!

Nugraha Wicaksana -

My Bose spundlink mini turns off when three light indicate on the mute,Aux and Bluetooth then it goes off

Adom - Reply

mine does not do anything apart 3 white lights permanently on ( mute bluetooth aux )

krzysztof marfjak -

I have taken my sound link back to Bose twice in two years because of battery issues and they have given me a new one each time. Are you going into the Bose store?

sharonmiller81 - Reply

This is so frustrating. I can't get it to pair with any Apple device. It works for a while and then stops. The trouble shooting does not help. This thing wasn't cheap. I thought Bose was a quality product???

Mary Ann Barbone - Reply

Try “Forget this Device” in the iOS Bluetooth Settings, then perform a reset on the Soundlink (press mute for 10 seconds), then reconnect. A little frustrating, but works for me.

Raffael Erhart -

Thank you Rafael grate advise, work for me!

vlavelym -

Thanks for the advice it worked for me also.

Brad Cholette -

Thanks for the advice , it worked for me also.

Brad Cholette -

God Bless You Mary Ann!!

Amy Rice -

I cannot get my speaker to charge. The battery light comes on and makes the sound that it's charging for just a second and then will not charge!

huffapril - Reply

I'm getting something similar. If you plug it into the side of the speaker rather than the base plate it will probably charge. However for some reason the baseplate doesn't recognise the power. This is annoying though, because then you have to unplug it rather than just grab it. I only bought mine last week so am probably going to take it back and try for a different one...

Damian -

I have updated firmware on my speaker this morning and it stopped charging through docking station, it does exactly the same - "The battery light comes on and makes the sound that it's charging for just a second and then nothing". It was absolutely fine before when it had software version 1.0.11. Has anyone had any luck resolving this issue ?

Dmytro -

Just have flashing red light on battery, will not charge, very disappointed, do not purchase the sound link mini

johnnymills - Reply

My Bose Soundlink mini has the same problem and I can't find any fixes for it!!! The red light just continually blinks "RED". Is there any answers out there???

nshervold -

Hey, has anyone figured out the just have flashing red light on battery, will not charge & have no sound? I'm trying to figure whether I need a new charger or battery. ..

Diana Wiley -

I'm curious about this, too. My speaker has worked fine for months, then, I turned it off last night and went to bed. This morning I woke up to find the red light flashing red really quickly. Nothing works. Reading the Bose websites makes it seem like I need to update software, but I can't get the speaker to turn on to connect. Any ideas? I love the Bose sound, but this is one of the most frustrating pieces of equipment I've ever owned!

Tom -

Im connected to the speak but it makes no sound whenever I play a song☹

Mariel Daniel - Reply

same here, mini 2 is just $@$* af, mine's sound is always going off and on

jamiem608 - Reply

Where can I purchase ONLY a battery? Bose A/S center in Korea is fuxxing expensive price to replace battery. Almost $90 .

So plz reply anyone who know where can I buy it!

louiswoong - Reply

My speaker the light green is always turn on..when I full the AC outlet it will not turn on..pls help me how to fix my nose mini

Mario - Reply

My SoundLink Mini keeps on turning off whenever I turn it loud...No idea why.

Guys, try the JBL Xtreme. It is extremely better and louder, it is waterproof (just dont submerge it) and you could charge devices with it.

Anthony Marquez - Reply

Yes, it is an unreliable device. I have constant problems. I am writing this because I am fed up of the dam thing.

Michael McMahon - Reply

I am having issues with Bluetooth connection and always my songs gets paused and played, one of the worst product

srinivasa lokesh - Reply

I purchased the device 5 months back and I am not sure how to claim the warranty, please let me know the process ... not happy at all with this product

srinivasa lokesh - Reply

My speaker is flashing a green light n cant get it to work what does that mean please help

tabitha - Reply

On Windows 10, the Bluetooth settings lists the speaker multiple times, i.e., the name of the speaker is repeatedly listed as options to pair. If you go down the list trying to pair with the device at the top of the list, pairing will fail. One must pair with the device listing in last place. It looks like this:

Bose Speaker

Bose Speaker

Bose Speaker

Bose Speaker

Bose Speaker <--- this is the ONLY choice that works. I've had this problem repeatedly.

Carisa Carlton - Reply

My bose soundlink mini 2 used to be very loud then it began to fluctuate between loud and not very loud. now even though its indoors it not very loud, what should i do ?

calvin nkutu - Reply

FRUSTRATED!! Cant deal with this piece of crap anymore....but now what do i do with it?? Throw it in the trash, cause its worthless! I own Bose everything, horrible design wont connect, and cuts off in the middle of a song. Does anyone know if I can get a cord to plug it in to my phone? I Phone 7 Plus??

mrs.sprinkle - Reply

my bose when not charging the battery is 80%,when charging less than one minutes its notified 100%... can i fix it? please give me a solution..

fajjar hidayat - Reply

I cannot get the bluetooth indicator from flashing blue to white (discoverable mode) and therefore cannot connect to anything. I have reset (mute for 10 secs). I have cleared all devices (bluetooth for 10 secs) and have held port down for 10 secs+....still no use.

Can anyone help please?

Mitchell Holmes - Reply

Ok. So now it will connect with my Samsung S8 but not my iPod????

Aaarrgggghhhh!! So frustrating.

Mitchell Holmes - Reply

My bose will only pair with my sony laptop, i want to pair with mini ipad, ipod, and iphone but it just wont work! It has paired with all of these devices in the past, have tried everything, any suggestions or feedback would be great!

Andy Moon - Reply

The range for my phone to speakers used to be quite far (all the way upstairs and around corners) but now I move more than 3feet and it stops playing. Thoughts? Any idea how to fix?

pliskova - Reply

actualy the information above was very helpful. cleared the blue tooth list and did a factory reset and all good to go

Paul - Reply

I just want to know the correct voltage and where to apply it to "hotwire" it to charge.

Joshua Demers - Reply

Cannot pair my phone it is really frustrating

Glad to hear it not just me but still doesn't help I have a useless speaker

Dtesta - Reply

Love it when it is working. Which, sadly, is not most of the time. And Bose CS is worthless.

Bought from Amazon, about to return it because I'm so frustrated.

Android device, main issue is my device will not stay paired for more than a few hours.

Really sick and tired of pressing this and holding that and rebooting everything. For the money, I don't want something so fussy and demanding constant hand holding.

carina.mac - Reply

I hate this product. When it DID work (and it does not any longer) the quality of sound was not as good as a friends $30 speaker!

mike - Reply

There is this firmware bug in the Soundlink Mini 2 which causes it to get soft bricked. Gets fixed with a hard reset. Check the video for details and other trouble shooting tips.

Ajith Tom George - Reply

Unable to charge device. I keep getting a red flashing power light. I can't reset it and it won't turn n on. What should I do?

veronica708 - Reply

Morning mate I have the same problem and bought a new battery but it is still playing up

can you advised me how can I fix it

Moqdam Aljwrany -

Hi guys I have the same problem

Moqdam Aljwrany -

Worked fine at the beginning. Then problems started to creep in. First was on SKYPE where audio was not in sync with video. Then the connection problems began, unable to pair, and after much time, would connect with one device, then finally, no connection. Followed all the troubleshooting steps. Still nothing. Wow, can you expect this from Bose. I guess so. Buyer beware!

Robert Montgomery - Reply

Hello Bose Staff

Don’t you ever read the complaints and offer remedies? My frustration has been voiced by others, but there are never any answers.

I’ll describe my problem just on the offchance; battery charged, device paired ( after removing it and re pairing, to make sure ). No other devices using the bluetooth. When I press connect minibose, there is a 2 second breakoff while the bose tries to take over and then its back to my internal speakers. The handover fails, although it remains connected. I tried many times with the same result.

The minibose has always been tricky and temperamental, but now it’s downright failure, and I feel as frustrated as many other users who wrote here. AnneL

Anne - Reply

After several cycles of clearing the memory, resetting the device, turning it off and on, etc, I finally can connect it to my iPhone, but it still won't connect to my MacBook. So frustrating. Won't be buying another Bose product anytime soon.

Jonathan Wilson - Reply

I have had this device for several years and keep going back to “troubleshooting” almost every time I use it . I replaced the battery and that was an expensive mistake. I surrender, I am going to find another speaker that does not have the name Bose on it. Too much trouble. It is not bluetooth friendly.

ray_strother - Reply

I am now going to Google to read reviews to replace my Bose Mini. It is too much trouble and not dependable. This warns me about any Bose product.

ray_strother - Reply

I am with you, soooo disappointed!

Cathie Coquard -

Sound not that great

Andrew - Reply

Seriously, you must be very hard to please

Peter Evans -

The control remote does not work? I don’t know how to make work

Diana - Reply

bluetooth blue light continually flashing wil not pair any ideas?

john castle - Reply

My speaker won’t turn on even when on the dock….if it’s a problem of battery, shouldn’t it work when on the dock? Soooo frustrated…

Teresa - Reply

This is not helped at all i done alot of things still nothing its plug in and the red light flashes wont turn on and held the 3 dot then power turned yellow unplug n plug it in its still not working kinda mad

Seven Thomas - Reply

I had problems reestablishing paring with my ipadPro and the mini Bose.

Try this: On the speaker, press and hold mute for 10 seconds, the LEDs will flash for a few seconds.

Next press the Power button to turn the SoundLink Mini speaker back on.

I attempted a couple times and it finall worked! Good luck!

jamesalfonsomartinez - Reply

I’ve tried as you have did but not use still the same problem, sometimes worke sometimes doesn’t work

Moqdam Aljwrany -

Had similar issues with not connecting from my Apple devices (ipadPro & iPhone). Read intro intrustructions on this page. …..try this: On the speaker, press and hold mute for 10 seconds, the LEDs will flash for a few seconds.

Next press the Power button to turn the SoundLink Mini speaker back on.

I had to do the above instructions and couple times and now it works! Good luck!

jamesalfonsomartinez - Reply

I have followed all instructions and still no sound. This Bose speaker use to work beautifully, now nothing. I will never buy this again!

Mechelina Thissen - Reply

I was getting frustrated because my ipad bluetooth would not connect with my speaker. So I removed the bose mini speaker from the dropdown list , waited a minute and then turned the bose back on and suddenly it appeared on my “discoverable” dropdown and thankfully it successfully connected.

Fred Gant - Reply

I was frustrated with my Bose Mini because it seemed impossible to get it to connect to my ipad. until in desperation I removed the speaker from the dropdown list on my ipad. I waited a minute and then turned the speaker on and it appeared “discoverable” on my Ipad so I tried again and it worked!

Fred Gant - Reply

My phone has to be right next to the speaker for the sound not to be jumpy - it wasn’t always like this - does anyone have any solutions? It’s full battery. - Reply

I have tried re-settting anything and everything on my phone and Mini Soundlink… Used to be easy to re-pair. So frustrating!

Cathie Coquard - Reply

Im with you dermot 170.00 later and 3 month and no sound. Im trough with bose.

Gary Bowmam - Reply

I turned my bluetooth speaker on (bose mini) so that I could blast bts music


My Bose SoundLink mini was working great then just shut off in the middle of a song and now I have no indication of Life anywhere please help

David - Reply

My Bose SoundLink mini was working great then died in the middle of a song now I have no signs of life even after plugging in can somebody please help me with this issue

David - Reply

“If that doesn't help then you might have to clear your pairing list with these easy steps:

On the speaker, press and hold the Bluetooth button for about 10 seconds until you hear a noise. The speaker will clear all Bluetooth devices from its memory and will be able to be discovered.”

It worked for me, I think i had too many devices in the bose speaker memory,


arthur.marinet - Reply

This is the 2nd Bose sound link mini I’ve bought & both crapped out in less than 2 years. Thank you Bose, great sound… But too unreliable & short lived for the $$. Moving on to a more reliable manufacturer & never recommending Bose products again.

dssjet - Reply

Sound link mini is a piece of junk. It will not stay connected, and is a nightmare to re-connect, it’s a joke. It is the most unreliable piece of electronics I’ve ever owned. I will never buy a Bose item again.

Bryan Umiker - Reply

My speaker vibrates constantly on all base sounds. I have to turn down the volume to such a low setting to overcome the problem until it’s almost inaudible. Has anyone experienced this and if so what can be done to fix it?

David Hughes - Reply

i got 3 lights on (mute bluetooth aux) can not turn on or turn off either.

holding down mute button make them flashing after 10 sec

krzysztof marfjak - Reply

I agree it's garbage!! It takes so many tried finally it will connect with Bluetooth then clicks on and out then off and I've tried all day yesterday and can't get back on with Bluetooth. I even used the usb from my cell to the unit will won't connect!!

I thought bose was excellent product a waste of money.

Tanya McRae - Reply

Sound does not increase

Shanith pothodi - Reply

Holding the mute button down for 10 seconds on the Mini, turning the mini back on AND turning the volume back up on the Mini did the trick.

Thank You.

matloans - Reply

I currently own the Bose Revolve and having an issue with it recognizing device names. I resetted the speaker and successfully synced my iphone 7 but it keeps saying that I am connected to oppo f3 plus . I am able to play music but its annoying that it says the wrong name. When I disconnect it say disconnected to oppo f3 plus. Can someone please help me with this issue?

Ellimak Dimaculangan - Reply

my bose soundlink mini fall down yesterday.and when i turn on my speaker,the speaker sound is can fox this one..can you you help me guys.please

Jayr Ramos -

my bose soundlink mini fall down yesterday.and when i turn on my speaker,the speaker sound is can fix this one..can you you help me guys.

Jayr Ramos - Reply

I see a post suggesting to hold the Mute button for 10 seconds… which button on a Bose Soundlink is the Mute button?

scotto858 - Reply

Mine plays for about 5-10 minutes and turns off. Have reset it and it still does it, what the heck! Any suggestions ?

Irmgard Zoeller - Reply

This unit won’t charge, and I’ve spent hours trying every fix mentioned on this site plus all the others I’ve been able to find online. Extremely disappointing and a massive black mark for Bose. Do not buy this sub-standard product!

alasdairgr - Reply

hi have some problem with my bose speaker when I started using this as a Bluetooth speaker the aux option was lost

help needed .


Justine - Reply

I was having the same issue trying to connect my Mac to the speaker

I would connect but no sound would come out. I tried rebooting the speaker and nothing. then I turned off my blue tooth on my phone and it started playing. Even though I wasn’t connected through my phone , turning off the blue tooth on my phone helped.

Paul Ski - Reply

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