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My speaker is plugged into the wall, but will not turn on.

Make sure your speaker is plugged into a working AC socket.

Check the connections between the speaker and the power adaptor to ensure it is properly connected.

If using a surge protector, check to verify that it is working properly.

If the speaker still will not turn on, there may be a faulty power adaptor. As a result, you may need to buy a new one.

Make sure you are using the power adaptor supplied with your speaker upon purchase, as other power adaptors may not be compatible.

The battery is charged, but my speaker still will not turn on.

If your speaker is not charged or used within a 14 day period it will enter protection mode. In order to correct this setting, you must plug the speaker back into an AC outlet.

If the battery is bad, you may have to replace it. Click on this link to see how to replace the battery: Bose SoundLink Mini Battery Replacement.

Another underlying problem can be the charge. Make sure the battery has sufficient charge by plugging it back into the AC outlet.

The Bluetooth indicator displays a connection, but my music doesn't play when I begin a song.

Although, the SoundLink Mini indicates a connection with your device, the device might still be unpaired. Check your device's Bluetooth settings to make sure that it is paired to the SoundLink Mini.

Devices have transport controls that allow for playback of audio, if these controls are not set to playback audio, sound will not transmit to the SoundLink Mini.

If you have other devices that are currently using Bluetooth, turn those off along with the speaker and the device you are trying to pair. Once everything is turned off, turn on only the speaker and device to begin to pair them.

A possible problem could also be that the SoundLink Mini's volume is set too low, or even on mute. Correctly adjust the volume to verify that this may or may not be the problem.

If the volume on the speakers are set to an audible level, verify that your device's volume is also correct.

My speaker isn't playing any music from my device.

Verify that the SoundLink Mini is not muted and that the volume is turned to a desired level. You can also verify that the SoundLink Mini indicates a connection with the desired device.

The device you are using also displays a connection, make sure that the device you are using for the SoundLink Mini is connected using Bluetooth, and is playing music at an adequate hearing level.

Another problem may be that your device is out of range of the Bluetooth signal, move it in range of the SoundLink Mini to ensure that it works.

As a last result, turn the SoundLink Mini off and then back on again.

Sometimes other devices generate electromagnetic interference that can interrupt the Bluetooth signal. Move these devices away from the SoundLink Mini and your device to ensure it is able to connect. Outside devices may include, but are not limited to: microwave ovens, cordless phones, network routers, and other Bluetooth devices.

If there are other outside devices that use the Bluetooth capabilities, turn them off or disable the feature.

I can't pair my Bluetooth device with this speaker.

Make sure that you are running the latest software on your SoundLink Mini speaker. Visit the support center at and search for the newest update. If the software is already up to date you might need to perform a product reset. This can be accomplished in a few easy steps:

On the speaker, press and hold mute for 10 seconds, the LEDs will flash for a few seconds.

Next press the Power button to turn the SoundLink Mini speaker back on.

Many Bluetooth enabled devices have an option where the Bluetooth feature can be turned on or off. It may be set to off to save the battery life of the device. Be sure this option is set to on. If the speaker is paired to the Bluetooth enabled device, it should automatically reconnect when its Bluetooth function is turned on. If the Bose product doesn't automatically reconnect, manually select the Bose product within the Bluetooth list on the device.

Some devices will pair to a device but not automatically connect. Go to the pairing list of the device and check. If it is, try connecting to the SoundLink Mini speaker.

If that doesn't help then you might have to clear your pairing list with these easy steps:

On the speaker, press and hold the Bluetooth button for about 10 seconds until you hear a noise. The speaker will clear all Bluetooth devices from its memory and will be able to be discovered.

Clear the list on your Bluetooth device. For more information you will have to refer to the manufacturer for support of your device.

If those don't help then try pairing the device again by following these steps:

With the Bluetooth device and the speaker both turned on, press and hold the Bluetooth button on the speaker for three seconds to make the speaker be discovered. The Bluetooth indicator will slowly turn on and off to show the speaker is able to be discovered.

On your device, locate the Bluetooth device list and select "Bose SoundLink" from the list.

If your device asks for a code, enter digits 0000 and press OK. Some devices also ask you to accept the connection. Your Bluetooth device will indicate when pairing is complete. The SoundLink Mini speaker will let you know when pairing is complete when the Bluetooth indicator stops turning on and off and remains on.

The system is designed to operate at a range of 30 feet. The performance can be decreased by obstacles such as walls or metal and may also be affected by other Bluetooth devices. Try moving the SoundLink Mini speaker closer to your Bluetooth device.


This is the most frustrating device I have ever purchased. It, yet again, is not working. I will never by a Bose product, ever again.

dermotwickham - Reply

Your mad! Everybody else has had great results. I’ll buy another when this one dies, but I don’t think it will!

Peter Evans -

Mine decided to no longer work either - i’m thinking maybe Apple is the problem since it just upgraded to 12 dot blah blah blah

Russ Neimy -

My device is on but only white light burn.No sound.

Theunis Roux - Reply

I am having same problem.Had you fixed the problem?

Sandip Lade -

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