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Student-Contributed Wiki

Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Boosted Board 1st Generation Troubleshooting

Electric skateboard released in February of 2014.

Clicking Sound While Riding

While riding the board or just spinning the wheels, there is a constant clicking sound.

Pulley Bearings Worn Down

It is likely that dirty bearings are causing the noise and need to be cleaned. If cleaning doesn’t work, replace the pulley bearings with this guide.

Skateboard Bearings Worn Down

It is likely that dirty bearings are causing the noise and need to be cleaned. If cleaning doesn’t work, replace the skateboard bearings with this guide.

Grinding Sound While Braking or Accelerating

When trying to brake or accelerate there is a loud grinding sound

Belts Are Not Tightened

It is possible that there is not enough tension on the pulley belts, try tightening the belts.

Board Won’t Power On

When pressing the power button on the board, the board will not turn on

Battery Not Sufficiently Charged

It is possible the battery is low, plug in the board to the power adapter. After an hour, check the battery level. If this doesn’t work a replacement battery is needed. Contact the manufacturer and send the board in for a replacement.

Battery Charger Malfunction

Make sure the green power indicator light is on. If the indicator light does not light up, check the charger for the board to see if there are any loose connections. If there are no visible loose connections, a replacement battery charger will be needed.

Board Won’t Accelerate or Brake

When trying to accelerate or brake nothing happens

Belts are Broken

It is possible that the belts have snapped, check to see if the belts are in working condition. If not, replace them with this guide.

Motors Worn Down

It is possible that the motors are worn out and need replacement, contact the manufacturer for replacement information.

Wheels Won't Spin Freely

Wheels won't spin freely or, while riding, the wheels seem stiff and you don't move far

Wheel Nut too Tight

Loosen the nut slightly until the wheel spins freely, be sure to not loosen it too much or risk the wheel falling off.

Skateboard Bearings are Dirty or Worn Down

It is likely that the dirty bearings are causing too much friction and need to be cleaned or replaced.

Remote Not Charging or Low Battery Life

The remote doesn't seem to hold a charge or there is always low battery life

Battery Is Dead

Your battery remote may be low or dead. If charging the remote does not solve this problem and you suspect you have a faulty battery, you’ll need to replace it with this guide.

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my board has 51% battery life and when I try to turn the power on I get a flashing red light and the board won't turn on.Please help?

Mark Laquis - Reply

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