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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

The device will not show any indication of proper rotational function.

Check to make sure the device is plugged into the power supply. If the cord is properly plugged into the power supply, the power supply is not faulty, and the device still will not turn on (upon activation of the manual switch), then the cord or connection to the device is faulty and will require repair or replacement.

Check to ensure the power cord is not frayed or damaged, as this could prevent the device from turning on. If the cord is damaged or faulty in any way, it can be replaced/repaired using instructions linked to its corresponding device page.

Check to make sure the switch is in the proper "on" orientation. The "1" of the switch should be depressed in order to turn the device is on. If the "0" is depressed, this is the off orientation. Flip the switch to the on orientation. If this does not successfully turn on the device, then check other solutions or repair/replace the switch component. Instructions can be found on the device page link on this page.

When the device is running, there is a rattling sound. Or the external casing of the device is not staying together or is cracked.

Make sure the external casing is staying together and is not cracked/broken that could affect the structural integrity of the device. If there are cracks, seal or replace the external casing. This should keep all of the internal parts properly in place and not loose.

The internal hardware may not be fitting together properly. Certain parts may have come loose. To check, remove the external casing and check the orientation of the internal components. If there are loose parts, tighten them into the internal structure and ensure the parts are properly arranged within the external casing. If the parts are properly oriented and fit together tightly, then this is not the source of internal rattling.

See the device page for this product that is linked at the top of this page. This will provide instructions for removing the external casing and ensuring the internal components are placed properly in relation to each other.

The part of the device that polishes or waxes the surface is not spinning quickly enough.

The control module connecting the switch and the mechanical and electrical components of the device is faulty and not properly communicating. Remove the external casing and check to make sure the control module is properly located and connected to all interacting parts. If it is not, see the device page linked above for instructions on how to replace/repair. If this is not successful, a new device may need to be purchased.

Also see the link below for instructions on how to disassemble the device and find/check the control module.

The motor that is powering the rotational component of the device is faulty. Disassemble the device and check to ensure the motor is properly structured and functioning. Instructions for disassembly and repair can be found above. If this problem still does not improve, a new device may need to be purchased.

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