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Reduced Suction Power ¶ 

Your cloth filter that leads into your dust bowl will collect debris and may cause resistance in suction power.

1. Removal of Debris from Dustbin ¶ 

Your dust bin responsible for holding debris is full or clogged. To clean the bowl press the buttons in, on either side of the nozzle and pull the nozzle off. You can now empty the dust from the bowl.

2. Suction Seal ¶ 

If you noticed reduced suction at the vacuum's nozzle and your filter is clean, this may be due to the suction seal located inside the nozzle could need replacing. Please see our guide on how to replace the suction seal.

Lower Battery Charge ¶ 

Your battery has trouble holding a charge for long periods of time.

1. Reduced run time ¶ 

A clogged filter can put more strain on the DC motor, causing it draw a larger amount of energy. This will greatly reduce the run time.

Foul smell ¶ 

1.Filter Unit Needs to Be Replaced ¶ 

Refuse left in the dust bin can produce odor causing bacteria, it is important to replace the filter every 6-9 months. Please see our guide on how to replace the filter unit.

Filter Care ¶ 

**In order to ensure your filter is kept clean, it is recommended that every 6-9 months you replace the cloth filter. To clean the bowl press the buttons in, on either side of the nozzle and pull the nozzle off. You can now empty the dust from the bowl. To clean more thoroughly, you can detach the bowl via the bowl release button and remove the cloth filter. Twist the plastic filter that surrounds the cloth filter in a clockwise motion. The cloth filter can now be washed in soap and water, and dried before putting back into vacuum.

Vacuum Not Powering Up ¶ 

Your vacuum shows no sign of powering on.

1. Faulty Power Switch Assembly ¶ 

Sand and dust may become lodged in the gap between the power button and the barrel it is logged in. Simply clean this debris with a compressed air canister (commonly used to clean electronics such as keyboards). Please see our guide on how to replace the power switch assembly.

2. Dead Battery ¶ 

The battery might be dead if your vacuum is not powering up. After charging the battery for half an hour try turning on the vacuum again.

3. Even after connecting the vacuum to the charger It will still not power on ¶ 

The battery charger connects to the vacuum with a simple barrel jack. One downfall of this design is any build up on the contacts can prevent a successful charging cycle. To prevent this keep the charging port free of dust and other obstructions.

4. After cleaning contacts and charging battery the vacuum still does not turn on.  ¶ 

At this point it is best to replace the battery of the vacuum. You can order a battery from the Black and Decker official website. Please see our guide on how to replace the battery pack.

More Information ¶ 

***If none of these suggestions present a solution to your problem, consult the device’s user manual for a more detailed list of possible issues. However if this still does not fix the problems you are experiencing contact the device manufacturer for more advice before attempting any self repairs.**


After about a week, the LED indicator on my new unit stopped working. The unit charges fine since it always has lots of suction power when I use it. The LED just does not work. any suggestions on how to fix this problem

Dale Pfau - Reply

this unit will not snap into position

lacieight - Reply

the unit cannot be snaped together

lacieight - Reply

The pet brush attachment head does not rotate when attached correctly to powered unit

Cheryl Stinson - Reply

Extension arm goes back in when used - doesn’t lock in place. I’m referring to the extra neck with the brush attached. Unable to use because it keeps retreating. Thanks

Teresa Massingale - Reply

Once I turn it on it shuts it self down after about 20 seconds, why would this happen

Lucinda - Reply

This is happening to me. Ever figure out why?

Jude Wells -

This started happening to me this week, also.  I’ve only had the unit for a year and it has always been reliable until now.

What’s going on?

From: Carolyn -

Exact same thing! What is the fix please?!?

Debbie Tiner -

Also having this issue. Have had the unit for 8 mos, no issues but now when I turn it on it shuts itself off . Fix?

Contina Graham -

Add me to this list. The same thing is happening to mine. The same issue will this many people indicates a design flaw. -

This is happening to me as well. I’ve had the vacuum for about a year and now it shuts down after 30 seconds. Apparently this is a common problem.

Drew -

Have my B & D about a year. Have what looks like a common problem. Shuts down after about 20 seconds or less

Patricia Edick -

Same issue! Did anybody find a fix?

Sean Ormsby -

I got this for my birthday in January. Charged it up, used it once and now it won't turn on. I get a green light + flashing and sometimes a green and red light flashes like 5 times then stops then no lights…so disappointed, and no longer have the box. Unsure what to do with this practically new item.

cablank0221 - Reply ''

If you go to the Black and Decker website, find your model and chat with an agent, they will ask for your model number on your dustbuster to see the product warranty information. Took me less than 5 minutes to verify my 2017 product had a 2 year warranty without my receipt even and get a new one sent.

kristapetersohn - Reply

A year to the day this vacuum has decided to not keep running. It is clean, I turn it on, it runs for about 10 seconds, then turns off. What the hey?

aplaceforkia - Reply

I got the hoover on the 09.10.18 and not even used it yet come to try and use it after giving it a full charge and it comes on for a second then turns off any idea what’s up not even been able to use it yet

Kez - Reply

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