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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Not Turning On ¶ 

The power light does not shine red when plugged in, or the vacuum does not start running when the surface stain, set-in stain, or hose buttons are pressed

Not Sitting On a Flat Surface ¶ 

If the SpotBot is not turning on it may be because it isn't on a flat surface. Place the unit on a flat surface and attach the hose of the vacuum to the bottom of the unit.

Broken Power Cord ¶ 

Another potential issue could be a defective power cord, which can be fixed referencing the repair guide section.

Weak or Loss of Suction ¶ 

The vacuum does not suck up dirt and debris

Collection Tank is Full ¶ 

Check the collection tank to make sure it is not full. A full tank will reduce suction power. If tank is full empty tank into the garbage and put it back on the SpotBot.

Clogged Hose ¶ 

Check to see if hose has suction by removing attachment and trying to suck water out of a sink or bowl. If water is not entering the dirty water tank, place unit on the floor near a sink and pour warm water down the hose until there is suction.

Clogged Automatic Cleaner ¶ 

Unplug device, remove tanks and flip it over. Check the clear plastic floor nozzles for debris. If they are dirty, unscrew the two screws next to them to remove the nozzle and clean with warm water. Check the suction holes where the nozzles were for any debris and clean them out. Replace the clear floor nozzles and test for suction.

Missing or Incorrectly Installed Duct Gasket ¶ 

If the collection tank is empty and you are still experiencing lack of suction, check to see if there is a black gasket in the collection tank. Make sure the gasket is open by squeezing open the flat part and reinstalling it. It is only designed to fit in one way. If the gasket is missing, contact a BISSELL Authorized Service Center for assistance.

Motor Failure ¶ 

Check the motor ducts for suction. Remove the collection tank. Place hand over the two holes covered by the collection tank. Turn the unit on.

Vacuum is Leaking ¶ 

The vacuum is leaking from the bottom

Leaking Clean Tank ¶ 

Remove the Clean Tank and check for leaks. If leak is found, order a new cap and insert at the link:

Faulty Gasket in Collection Tank ¶ 

If there is no leak in Clean Tank, remove the Collection Tank and check for sitting water in the receiving area. If found, make sure a black gasket is not missing or inserted improperly. If the gasket is not missing and properly inserted, remove and ensure the gasket’s tall duck-bill flap is open.

Manual Hose Doesn't Spray ¶ 

The manual hose doesn't spray when the trigger is pressed

Clogging of the Solution Tank or Hose ¶ 

While keeping what solution is inside of the solution tank, turn on the unit and put the unit on the manual or hose setting. Then pump the trigger for the hose for 2 minutes to clear any solution out. Then shake solution tank up and down while simultaneously pumping the hose trigger to try and dislodge any material that may be impeding the flow into the hose.

Problem with Receiver Area ¶ 

At this point, if the unit is still not spraying solution, cover the receiver area and simultaneously continue to pump the trigger. Then place the solution tank back into the machine and it should be pumping at this point.

Automatic Scrubbing Mode Doesn’t Work ¶ 

The automatic scrubbing mode doesn't run when the button is pressed

Vacuum Doesn't Run ¶ 

If it does not run when the surface stain button is pressed, please send your device to a BISSELL Authorized Service Center for assistance.


My machine sounds like it’s suctioning up the fluid but it is not. What do I do?

Roxanna Krumanaker - Reply

Thank you! I was able to clean out my machine and get the suction working again. Hardest part was re-seating the gasket.

Charlene Huggard - Reply

The button could be pushed in but the lights don't come on the Bristol still button can be pushed in but the lights don't come on the Bristol still don't work

Glenn Mccoy - Reply

Bristles do not work the button push the steering but don't light up show me tell me what's wrong

Glenn Mccoy - Reply

The light is on but the machine won’t start

dcdavis68 - Reply

My machine isn’t very old and is leaking out the bottem. I did everything in the video and in the instructions to correct it. Nothing works. Very discouraging!

tcochran4 - Reply

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