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Bissell Bolt ION 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum

Troubleshoot for the Bissell Bolt ION 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum

Vacuum Will Not Power On ¶ 

The Bissell Bolt ION may not power on due to the wrong charger being used or not being fully charged.

Use the Charger that Came with the Product ¶ 

The manufacturer box should contain the correct charger.

Charge Vacuum ¶ 

The vacuum should be first charged for 4 hours before use.

Vacuum has Low Suction Power ¶ 

There may be problems with the dirt container, the filters, or the foot.

Dirt Container Maintenance ¶ 

The dirt container may have to be cleaned or positioned correctly for suction power to resume.

Filter Maintenance ¶ 

The filters may need to be replaced and changed.

Foot is Loose ¶ 

The foot is loose and may need to be readjusted and secured it in its position in its body.

There is an Obstruction ¶ 

There can be something obstructing the foot. The foot needs to be detached from the body and have the obstructions removed. Place the foot back in its position.

Dust/Dirt Escaping Containment Bag ¶ 

The dirt container may be full of debris or the dirt container or filter might be installed incorrectly.

Dirt Container is Installed Incorrectly ¶ 

Empty the dirt container and put it back in its position. The dirt container may be installed incorrectly, so secure the dirt container in the correct position.

Filter is Installed Incorrectly ¶ 

If the problem is not with the dirt container, then it might be the filter. The filter must be installed correctly.

Vacuum Won't Charge ¶ 

It is important to use the correct charger.

Correct Charger ¶ 

Only use the charger that came with the vacuum.

Vacuum Brush Replacement ¶ 

The brush roll may be jammed or needs to be reset.

Brush Roll is Jammed ¶ 

The obstruction in the brush roll needs to be removed.

Brush Roll Reset ¶ 

Turn off the brush roll and remove the obstruction. Wait 15 seconds for cool down and turn the power on.


my vacuum just all a sudden quit while running..well i charged it till it quit blinking tried turning on…no power!!!plug back in it starts blinking…so if the battery shot or is it the system?? oh not to mention this is the fourth time we have used

jake - Reply

Call Bissell customer service! Mine did that after a yr and I’m on vacuum 3 of the replacement vacuums cause they kept doing that same thing. Charged over night and boom not turning on! I refuse to use the outlet that I had been plugging them into at all now.

ppltiffanyb -

this just happened to mine. I’ve used mine a few months on my hardwood floor. Won’t turn on!

Joanne - Reply

If you remove the vaccum from the stick while it is on. It will render the vaccum usless.

Vincent - Reply

Will the lights still come on?

sandrajsmith94 -

I bought The Bolt Pet Vacuum for my wife last Christmas (2017) Four months later, it would not take a charge. It is nothing but a cheap hand held vacuum which attaches to an upright vacuum holder which makes it look like something it is not. Shame on Bissel!

Stelron Knapp - Reply

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